Go NightShift with Your Netflix


On Slow or Data-Cap Limited Internet. Preload Movies & Shows. Watch Full HD. Buffer-Free.


Your Very Own Local DVR for Streaming Shows & Movies

NightShift is an add-on to your internet modem that preloads selected movies or TV episodes overnight and plays them buffer-free the next day. Use it with your slow internet or limited data plan and enjoy full HD experience and monthly savings!

Any Movie, Any TV Show.

You can schedule any number of movies, TV shows, episodes to preload from your Netflix subscription using your NightShift account.

Any Media Player.

You can play the preloaded title on any Netflix player of your choice. Stream up to 3 devices with the NightShift router!

Watch More, Save More.

Using your existing internet plan, you can save up to $60/ monthly. Paying for those over-limit charges or high-speed packs is history!

NightShift lets You Preload Netflix With

Slow Satellite, DSL or Cable Internet

Internet Plan with Limited High-Speed Data

Rural or Countryside Internet Connection

Homes that Loves Watching Unlimited Netflix!

Getting setup is super easy. We’re happy to help too.

Step 1: Ordering

Sign up and We’ll deliver NightShift to you (Free of cost). Package includes add-on router, a 64 GB storage device, and pre-loaded software.

Step 2: Unbox & Setup

Just follow the easy Plug-and-Play instructions and you’re set. Compatible with almost all internet providers, modems, plans and Netflix players.

30 Day No Risk

With our 30-day no risk guarantee, you can try NightShift and see how much better your streaming experience can be.

Search, Preload & Play

Once ready, all you need to do is search for your favorite title, preload it and enjoy! Add hours and hours of movies and TV shows.

How Much Does it Cost?

One time cost of $99 (including FREE SHIPPING) gets you the recommended WiFi router, storage device, and pre-installed software. Monthly subscriptions start at $6.99. 30 Day money-back guarantee. More questions? Click here for FAQs. 

How NightShift Helps

I love NightShift! One very frustrating thing with satellite internet is the inability to stream. NightShift is allowing us to do that with Netflix. We have been able to watch our longtime favorite Longmire and discover new shows like Merlin. Not to mention movies we may have missed.


Exede Customer

I have satellite internet which works extremely well. However, I am capped on my data per month. A friend of mine told me about NightShift so I decided to give it a try.  I have had it for several months now and I could not be more pleased with it. Installation was a snap and all of my Netflix movies record during my free data. Thanks so much for this awesome product!!


I am thrilled with NightShift! I live in the northern woods with the dreaded satellite internet and was completely unable to stream pretty much any video. Now I can watch anything on Netflix just like everyone else. The customer service has been great and I am hoping more streaming services will take advantage of this to reach all of us that live out in the area the internet forgot!!


I smile every day because of NightShift! If this service was not available, I could not enjoy Netflix. Because I live in the country, I have only one choice for internet service, Direct TV. They limit my viewing by how many gigabits I buy each month, and are very expensive. I LOVE NightShift, because it enables me to actually watch Netflix in spite of my poor internet service. If this service wasn’t available, I couldn’t watch but a couple of movies each month.


We use Exede satellite internet and live within a cap of 5 G/month so downloading videos and movies was out of the question. We use the unmonitored time between 3:00 and 8:00 AM for downloading movies and nothing ever shows up on our data usage. NightShift has added to our home viewing pleasure a new and improved dimension.


Exede Customer

NightShift perfectly addresses our dilemma with the capped satellite service we have. Now we can watch all the Netflix movies we want without worrying that we are using up our total download allotment. It’s surprising that you don’t advertise your service more broadly because it is such an ideal solution.


Exede Customer