Sadly summer is already over. The days are getting shorter and there is less time to do fun stuff outside. For many of us this probably means more TV watching (but hopefully not too much). You need to be careful though, the battle for bandwidth in a household can be furious and video can have a big impact on your monthly usage.

So what next? Do you have to stop watching the video that you and your family love.

The quick answer is no. Did you know that some Internet providers have free zones or bonus bytes where you can use up as much data you would like without dipping into your monthly usage allowance? Two great examples of this are Exede and HughesNet.

So does that mean I have to wait into the middle of the night to watch my favorite shows on Netflix?

No, NightShift stays up to pre-load your favorite shows on Netflix so you don’t have to. When you wake up, full HD versions of your favorite shows and movies are ready to watch.

So whether someone wants to watch Call the Midwife, Marco Polo or My Little Pony don’t worry about blowing through your data plan. You can save up to 2.5GB for each hour of HD video that you watch using NightShift.

Protect your wallet

You don’t have to pay crazy overages to get the video you want. Get started today and keep watching your favorite shows and movies.