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Are you new to Netflix? Or have been using it since before it hit the internet, but you still aren’t quite sure of how to navigate through all of the new features? Even if you are Netflix savvy, these Netflix tips may surprise you!


#1 Manage Your Profiles

When you create a new account, you will be prompted to make a profile. You can set a name, language preference, and parental controls (Little Kids, Older Kids, Teens, and All Maturity Levels). This has two benefits. First, it makes it so your kids only have access to age appropriate content. Second, it keeps your profiles separate so Netflix doesn’t start recommending you Dora the Explorer.

Netflix Tips #1 Edit Profile

#2 Rate Everything

Speaking of recommendations. Netflix wants to learn what you like – and what you don’t like. After everything you watch, you should always rate it (whether you love it or hate it). If you skip over this, Netflix will not know what you’re interested in. If you forgot to rate something, you can always go to “My Activity” by hovering your mouse over your profile, navigating to “Your Account” and clicking on “Ratings” in the “My Profile” section.

#3 Delete Your History

If someone accidentally watched something on your profile, you’ll probably want to delete it from your viewing history so it doesn’t affect your Netflix suggestions. You can always delete individual movies and TV shows that you’ve watched from your history by clicking on “Viewing activity” in the “My Profile” section.

#4 Strange Activity

When you were deleting your history did you notice some movies or TV shows that you didn’t watch? It could have been when you went over to a friend’s house and signed in to your Netflix account, or maybe you sold your Wii U, Playstation 4 or Xbox 360 and forgot to delete your account information. Either way, if you are starting to see some strange activity on your Netflix account, you’ll want to sign out of all devices. You can do this by navigating to “Your Account” and selecting “Sign out of all devices” located in the “Settings” section.

#5 Ordering My List By Hand

You’re going to see a lot of content that you want to watch, but you will never have time to watch it all in one sitting. That’s why you have the option to add anything you find interesting to “My List.” When you see something you want to watch later, just click on the big white + symbol at the bottom right hand corner of the preview. Netflix will automatically order it by suggestion, but you can always reorder the list manually by navigating to “Order in My List” under “Your Account.”

#6 Don’t Miss It

Worried that you’ve been putting off that movie in “My List” for too long? Now Streaming lists all of the movies that are scheduled to leave Netflix. Sleep easy tonight knowing how long you have until you have to say goodbye to your favorite movie on Netflix.

#7 What to Watch

There are some great tools for getting to know the movies and TV shows on Netflix better before you click play. IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes are two excellent sites for checking the ratings of what you are about to watch. If you’re still in doubt of whether or not you’ll like the flick, you can always watch the trailer on YouTube.

#8 Hidden Genre Category Codes

Do you sit down, ready to watch something new, but find yourself going through the countless amount of content that Netflix offers? We all have. But now you can view content according to thousands of sub-genres so you can narrow down what you feel like watching to something as specific as “Movies based on children’s books.” This is one of the newest Netflix tips that has come to light, and you can find the complete list of codes here.

Netflix Tips #8 Hidden Genre Code Example

#9 Customized Subtitles

There are a lot of foreign films in the subgenres, and the legibility of the subtitles can affect how much you enjoy what you are watching. There are seven fonts, three text sizes and five shadows (including “None”) to choose from. You can customize subtitles by selecting “Subtitle appearance” in the “My Profile” section.

Netflix Tips #9 Subtitles

#10 Netflix Communities

You can never go wrong by connecting with other people who love watching Netflix just as much as you do. That’s what subreddits were made for. This one especially.

#11 Keyboard Shortcuts

Life may not have shortcuts, but Netflix does!

Space – Toggle Play/Pause
Enter – Toggle Play/Pause
PgUp – Play
PgDn – Pause
F – Full-screen
Esc – Exit full-screen
Shift+Left arrow – Rewind
Shift+Right arrow – Fast Forward
Up arrow – Volume Up
Down arrow – Volume Down
M – Mute toggle

#12 To Binge-Watch or Not to Binge-Watch

Now for the Netflix tips that will save you data when you decide it’s time to binge-watch your favorite TV show. Netflix has a neat feature that allows you to watch episode after episode without having to get up or pressing a button. This is great when you have unlimited high-speed internet and a lot of time on your hands. But if your bandwidth is limited (or if you need to limit yourself), you are able to turn off this feature by selecting “Playback Settings” in the “My Profile” section and unchecking “Play next episode automatically.”

#13 Less Data

Under the same settings, you can also change how much data Netflix uses. The lowest option uses up to 0.3 GB per hour, and the highest uses up to 3 GB per hour for HD and 7 GB per hour for Ultra HD. Keep in mind that altering the data usage will affect the video quality, so your safest bet may be letting Netflix automatically adjust it according to what is being played and on your internet connection. However, if you are experiencing constant buffering, you can set it to the lowest option to minimize buffering until you find another alternative (you can jump straight to Tip #17 for the best alternative).

#14 Change the Bitrate

If you are feeling especially tech-savvy, you can also manually override the audio and video bitrate by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S. Keep in mind that a lower bitrate will greatly degrade the quality, but if you are willing to sacrifice video and/or audio to stop constant buffering, this is an option. If you are streaming Netflix through your smart TV, console or Blu-ray player, pick up your controller and press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left Right, Up, Up, Up, Up. This should deactivate your Netflix account so it can be rebooted and – hopefully – eliminate any buffering issues.

Netflix Tips #14 Bitrate

#15 Off-Peak Hours

The best times for watching Netflix without connection interruptions is when there aren’t as many people streaming content. This is usually late at night or early in the morning. But why wait up? If you have a Late Night Free Zone, Early Bird Free Zone or Bonus Bytes, you can always use NightShift to do the watching for you so you can watch it at a reasonable time (read more about NightShift under Tip #17).

#16 Netflix Socks

Yes. That’s right. Netflix socks. Of all of the Netflix tips you can find, this one is probably the most unique. When you are wearing them, they will pause Netflix when you have fallen asleep. This way you’ll never get confused when you doze off half through an episode and wake up two episodes later. If you’re feeling up to it, you can even make them yourself!

#17 Watch It Later

Several of these Netflix tips have been about how to stop Netflix from buffering. If you have a slower internet connection or a low data cap, you can always use NightShift. It pre-loads the content you want to watch when you aren’t using the internet so you can watch it later – the best thing is that it is all done legally. You won’t need to change any configurations, you’ll never have to sacrifice video or audio quality, and you’ll always be able to watch Netflix buffer-free.

Netflix Tips #17 NightShift


Are there any Netflix tips that you’d like to share? Just leave a comment below!