We have just completed an informational webinar for satellite Internet dealers and discovered some interesting information. We shared what NightShift offers, received valuable input, and answered many questions.


We also had a question of our own.


The question:

“What percentage of your potential customers ask about Netflix?”

The answer:

The majority of dealers told us that 75-100% of potential customers raise concerns over Netflix.

What Percentage of Potential Customers Ask About Netflix?

NightShift can be the answer to the “Netflix Question” that many satellite Internet dealers are looking for. Everyone should be able to enjoy Netflix regardless of where they live (even if they live on the side of a mountain) and regardless of what Internet services they have access to.

NightShift allows customers to watch High Definition movies and TV shows on Netflix without experiencing any buffering issues. It does this by pre-loading content during a time that benefits your customer so they can watch it any time.

By providing NightShift as the answer to the “Netflix Question,” you will be turning potential customers into long-term customers. They will always ask the question. Now you can have the answer.

Have you been asked the "Netflix Question?"