Your Last Chance to NightShift from March 6-12

There are 9 titles leaving Netflix this week and odds are that you will probably want to NightShift at least a couple of them. If you are a fan of foreign films, you shouldn’t miss the chance to watch Good Doctor (not to be confused with The Good Doctor) and Gu Family Book. If you feel like watching a drama but need the laughter of comedy, don’t pass up on the dramedy of Geography Club. Here are all of the movies (and TV shows) that will be leaving Netflix this week.

March 6th

Le Week-End (2013)
Refuge (2012)

March 7th

Deadfall (2012)

March 8th

Holidaze (2013)

March 9th

Arn: The Knight Templar (2007)
The Mistle-tones! (2012)

March 10th

Good Doctor: Season 1
Gu Family Book: Season 1

March 11th

Geography Club (2013)

What do you plan to NightShift?