Best New House Hunting Shows on Netflix

Best New House Hunting Shows on Netflix in April

Aspiring house hunters and flippers will get a lot of inspiration from Netflix this month. From dilapidated houses to full-blown mansions, your creative imaginations will run wild with everything you can do to your current home (or your next). Below is all of the new house hunting shows on Netflix. They were released on April 1, so this is the best way to spend your upcoming weekend!


Fixer Upper: Season 2

Fixer Upper

Image: HGTV

Follow Chip and Joanna as they transform worn-down houses into dream homes. From neglected fixer-uppers to houses that just need some sprucing up, Chip and Joanna help couples, families and even a rocket engineer find their perfect homes. If you want to take a photo tour from the ‘Faceless Bunker’ to the ‘Little House on the Prairie,’ you can view them all on HGTV. You will find all of your inspiration for rural renovations.


House Hunters Collection (collection 3), International Collection: Collection 3 & International Renovation: Season 1


House Hunters

Image: HGTV

The house hunting show to rule them all. House Hunters created countless spin-offs (two of them being House Hunters International and House Hunters International Renovation) and takes you into a world full of endless renovation possibilities. Although the main series follows people looking for their dream homes, you will still find unique ideas that span from the bedroom to the basement. However, not all of the houses are move-in ready, and require the tasteful eye of professional renovators and decorators.

Ever wonder what your dream home would look like with a pristine ocean view in a tropical paradise? House Hunters International gives you the chance to live that dream. It also introduces interesting, exotic layouts and decor that can transport your house across the world. Follow House Hunters as they go international.


Love It or List It, Too: Season 4

Love It or List It Too

Image: HGTV

To renovate, or to just move out? This show is the solution to both of those options. Unhappy homeowners renovate their houses and decide whether to love it, or list it. To make the decision easier (or more difficult), there is also the added value to the home from the renovations. If you feel like your home needs a new look, this show gives you the opportunity to find ideas, and find what else is out there.


Property Brothers at Home: Season 1

Property Brothers at Home

Image: HGTV

Property Brothers is for everyone who doesn’t want to choose between moving and renovating. In their TV show Property Brothers, the duo show houses that are in need of repair to home-seekers. After finding the less-than-perfect dream home, they transform the house into a home that could be found in fairy tales. Property Brothers at Home brings you into their lives and the house that they live in.