How to Binge Watch In 10 Steps

Did Netflix just release the next season of your favorite show? If so you’re probably getting ready for a binge watching session. Here are some tips to get you ready for the marathon!

1. Cancel Your Life Plans

How long will your binge last? One full day? 6 hours? Or longer? Whatever amount of time you can afford to allot to your binge, you’ll need to totally clear your schedule.  It would be best to turn your phone to silent as not to be interrupted by calls or texts.  Don’t let anything interfere with your binge plans!

2. Choose Your Viewing Partners Wisely

If you’re serious about your show and committed to your binge you’ll want to surround yourself with others who share your passion and commitment. If you don’t choose wisely your binge session could easily get derailed.  Maybe you prefer to do your binging in private and of course, that’s perfect fine.  No guilt!

3. Stake Your Territory

Decide where will you set-up camp. On the living room couch? Laying in bed? Carefully choose the best place for your most comfort. If you’re having friends over to binge with you make sure “appropriate” seating is provided for everyone’s comfort.  But if it’s your plan and your party – you should get the best seat in the house!

4. Stock up on Essentials

You’re going to need snacks and fluids. Consider some healthy snacks like fruit and yogurt dips as well as the usual salty ones. Plan to drink water not just soda or coffee. Yes, you’ll need to pause your viewing periodically to visit the washroom but staying hydrated can extend your overall binge time. Order out for “real” food if your binge is a full-day affair. It doesn’t have to be pizza or Chinese food; it’s amazing the types of foods that can be delivered these days!

5. Do Your Prep Research

If you don’t already have a series or batch of movies in mind you’ll need to decide what you’re going to watch during your binge. Do this beforehand; you can waste a lot of time trying to decide what to watch instead of actually watching it. See what shows and movies people are talking about and make a concrete list that you can buzz through during your marathon.

6. NightShift Your Content

If you’re a NightShifter, you have the luxury of scheduling your Netflix content to binge watch beforehand so that you don’t experience any buffering issues slowing down your marathon. Be sure you start scheduling your content 1-3 days before your planned binge so all of your shows or movies are downloaded and ready for you.  Learn more about buffer-free viewing with NightShift.

7. Dress Comfortably

Find your most comfortable clothing and put it on. You’re going to need to be comfortable if you’re settling into a binge that is going to be hours and hours long.  If you dress in layers you can add and remove them as your temperature changes throughout the day/night.

8. Get Setup

Take a few minutes before you officially begin your binge to make sure all of your necessities are handy. Have you used the loo? Do you need to open a window for fresh air or grab a blanket because it’s chilly?  Do you have your hydration fluid at hand? Snack bags open? Is the remote within reach for any required pausing? If so, you’re ready to start the first episode or movie on your list! Exciting!

9. Persevere

Hours into your binge you might be feeling tired. Are you going to stay the course or give in?  If you’re lying down resist the urge to let your eyes close.  If you need to take a short break to go outside for a breath of fresh air or do a few jumping jacks to stay alert – go right ahead!  Stick to your binging plan so you’re not disappointed tomorrow.  You can do it; persevere!

10. You Did It!

If you reach your binging goal give yourself a pat on the back. And maybe now it’s time for that nap? Zzzzzzz….

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Stats: “According to Deloitte, a consulting firm, 70% of the United States consumers are now binge-watching TV.”
“Netflix subscribers watch Netflix 100 minutes each day, and this implies that people watch Netflix more than they exercise, read, and hang out with their friends.”