You want to enjoy the great TV shows and movies that Netflix has to offer but maybe you’re curious about how much data Netflix is actually using.  The answer depends mainly on what quality of streaming you are watching.  It takes less bandwidth to stream in SD (Standard Definition) than in HD (High Definition).  Not all Netflix content is available to stream in 4K (see a list here), and not every TV is capable of 4K, so you don’t have to worry so much about that…. yet!  But if you’re concerned about bandwidth usage it would be best to set Netflix to stream in SD.

You can see from this graphic that it takes 3 times more of your precious data to view movies and shows in HD versus SD.  And when you watch in 4K, you’re using 7 times more than SD.  That’s a considerable difference!


How Much Data Does Netflix Use?

But it’s a trade-off isn’t it?  You have to decide if you care more about watching in the best quality possible or saving your gigabytes. Not sure what play-back setting you have set now on Netflix?  Want to confirm or change it?  You can read how to set Netflix playback quality right here.

If data usage is an issue for you, even streaming in SD, you should consider NightShift so you can get the most out of Netflix. NightShift lets you schedule content to download overnight (perhaps you have a free zone or night-time bonus bytes you can use?) so you can watch Netflix the next day without buffering nor using your regular internet data.  Hundreds of people are using NightShift to avoid unfortunate bandwidth limitations!  Check out the features and benefits of NightShift here.