Unlimited Netflix

Unlimited Netflix probably sounds like a dream come true. Unlimited high definition Netflix probably sounds impossible. Especially if you have satellite internet. However, this is changing. You can watch hours and hours of buffer-free Netflix with any satellite internet plan if you have NightShift. But unlimited Netflix? If you have a Liberty Plan with Exede, you can! The first step is knowing what the Liberty Plan is and what it means when you switch over to the Liberty Pass. The second step is getting unlimited Netflix with NightShift. Read on to find out how!

Liberty + NightShift = Unlimited Netflix

What is a Liberty Plan?

A Liberty Plan essentially lets you use the internet after you have reached your data cap, but at slower speeds. Your data is divided into two parts. The first is Priority Bytes and the second is the Liberty Pass. You will have high speed internet while you are using your Priority Bytes. You can know how many Priorty Bytes you have per month based on the name of your plan. For example, if you have Liberty 12, you have 12 GBs of Priority Bytes. When you use all of your Priority Bytes, you are switched over to the Liberty Pass.

What is a Liberty Pass?

When you are on the Liberty Pass, you are still able to use the internet, but at slower speeds. Between the hours of 2 am to 5 pm, you can expect the speeds to be good enough to surf, check your emails, and maybe watch a standard definition video on a single screen (this is not guarantee). However, the speed slows down dramatically between 5 pm and 2 am. You shouldn’t expect to be able to do very much during this time, especially watch any videos (even in standard definition). The Liberty Pass is great because it allows you to keep using the internet for things such as checking your emails, but if you plan to watch any Netflix on the Liberty Pass… expect to see a lot of this…

Never-Ending Load

Meet NightShift

When you switch to the Liberty Pass, NightShift turns on and gets to work. It starts pre-loading all of the content you schedule so you can watch it in full HD and buffer-free. Though the Liberty Pass is not unlimited, between your Priority Bytes and NightShift, Netflix will be. When your plan restarts at the beginning of the month and you start using your Priority Bytes, NightShift turns off, but doesn’t stop working for you. Any time you watch something that has been pre-loaded, none of your Priority Bytes are used. This means that if you know what you are going to watch the month before, you can pre-load everything for the next month using your Liberty Pass and never have to use your Priority Bytes for Netflix.

In short, you can stream unlimited HD Netflix with a Liberty Plan and NightShift.

Get Unlimited Netflix By Adding NightShift

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