Netflix App Gets Stream-Speed Option

Netflix just updated their app to allow users to choose the quality of video you stream.  Good news!  This allows users with low data usage plans to reduce the quality and use less data and those with bigger data plans to watch Netflix on-the-go at a better quality.  Eddy Wu at Netflix says that, “The default setting will enable you to stream about 3 hours of TV shows and movies per gigabyte of data.”

How to Choose your Play-Back Quality

Netflix is happy to offer you the freedom the choose the quality of streaming video on their app.  To change this setting you’ll need to update the Netflix app and then go to App Settings > Cellular Data Usage. Next, you should disable the default setting and choose the stream quality that you’d prefer.  However, be careful, some of the options will blow through your data allotment in a hurry!  As always streaming while tethered or over wifi will not effect your cellular data usage.

What about Downloading?

As Bill Snyder of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) points out in his summary, “you still can’t download video to watch later.”  That’s where NightShift comes in!  NightShift allows users to download their Netflix content, at high quality, onto their home router, for viewing later.  An internet connection and valid Netflix account is still required for viewing but being able to download your Netflix content in this way helps people with limited data plans or slow internet enjoy the bounty of high-def Netflix entertainment regardless of their sub-par internet plan.

Check out the features and benefits of NightShift here.