DSL beats dial-up, but does it pack the punch needed to stream HD Netflix? To find out, we need to take a look at the speed you need to stream Netflix in HD. Then, we need to take a look at the speed you can typically expect for DSL. The last step is finding the perfect solution to stream HD Netflix with DSL. In the end, we will have the answer to the question, “Can I stream Netflix in HD with DSL?”

Stream Netflix in HD with DSL

Netflix, DSL, and High Definition

The slowest speed that Netflix requires is 0.5 Mbps, but that speed will only allow you stream a video that you won’t be able to make heads or tails of. The speed that is recommended for Netflix to stream in HD is 5 Mbps. The typical speed of DSL is 5.1Mbps. Depending on your location, this can be much lower, or much higher. Odds are that if you live in a rural or remote area, the speed that you are getting is on the lower end. Don’t worry, there is still a way to stream Netflix in HD with DSL.

Know Your Speed

If your DSL speed is at least 5 Mbps, you may think that you are able to stream HD Netflix. You would not be wrong to think that, but there are a lot of other factors that will come into play. Do you have other devices connected to the internet? These devices include smart phones, smart TVs, tablets, gaming consoles, and of course, laptops and computers. Are other people using the internet at the same time? Bandwidth adds up quickly, but there is still a way for you to always stream in HD. You deserve to watch your favorite TV shows and movies on Netflix in the best picture quality possible, and you are already half way there with DSL.

Stream Netflix in HD with DSL

Getting the rest of the way there just takes a little NightShifting. You will always be able to stream Netflix in HD, and you can even stream Netflix in HD to up to 3 devices at a time without any issues. That means your entire family can watch their favorites on Netflix hassle-free. NightShift works by preloading what you want to watch, so it’s ready for you to watch when you want to. It’s like a DVR, but for Netflix! You can try it with a 30 no-risk guarantee.