Congratulations! You just got HughesNet, or maybe you’ve had it for a while, but you still don’t quite know how to use all of your extra Bonus Bytes. Here’s a quick explanation of what they are and how to use them. The best part: you’ll be able to watch a lot of Netflix if you have the right tool!

4 Ways to Use Your Bonus Bytes

What are Bonus Bytes?

With HughesNet, you get a set amount of Anytime Allowance that you can use any time. This amount will vary based on the plan you choose. Keep in mind that more data will cost you more money. Using your Bonus Bytes is a sure way to spend a little less. You will always receive 50 GB of Bonus Bytes every month. You can use them between 2 a.m. to 8 a.m. but you should always check your plan just to make sure. Want to know how to use them? Here is a list of how to take advantage of your Bonus Bytes!


4 Ways to Use Your Bonus Bytes


#1. Update Your PC and Anti-Virus Software

Keeping your computer updated and protected is important, but it also takes a lot of data. You most likely already run your virus scanner at night, so why not update it at night too? The best part about choosing to update at night is that you’ll get to use your Bonus Bytes. You’ll still have plenty left over too! Oh, and if you have bloatware on your computer, you should remove it if it’s not being used. Otherwise, it will waste a lot of Bonus Bytes to update.

#2. Download Your Video Games

Do you use a video game client like Steam or GOG Galaxy? You can buy games during the day and let them download over night. That’s right! You can also update your games during the nighttime too. The only time you need to use your Anytime Allowance is when you play during the day. Unfortunately, playing an online game with any satellite internet connection will be laggy due to low latency. It won’t stop you from being able to play single player games just fine though.

#3. Schedule Files to Download

If you’re using a browser like Firefox, you can easily install add-ons to schedule your downloads. It will make your life a lot easier knowing that while you are sleeping, your internet is still working for you. Scheduling files to download with your Bonus Bytes will also free your bandwidth during the day, so you can always use your internet at its highest speed.

#4. Pre-load Netflix with NightShift

Who doesn’t want to watch as much Netflix as possible every month? You’ve probably been wary of watching Netflix with satellite internet because you know that it will use your Anytime Allowance within hours. The good news is, now you can stream Netflix using NightShift to get the same high quality experience that everyone else does. And, you can do it using your Bonus Bytes.


Now that you’re beginning to see how easy it is to use your Bonus Bytes, there is one thing that you should be wary of. If you go over the 50 GB of Bonus Bytes, you will start to use your Anytime Allowance. You should always manually track how much you are going to be downloading that night. If you’re using NightShift to pre-load Netflix, you can rest easy knowing that NightShift will stop pre-loading when you are out of Bonus Bytes. We want you to use your Bonus Bytes right as much as you do!

Do you have another great tip on how to use Bonus Bytes? Share them below!