Ever wonder what happens to all of the titles you stream on Netflix? It’s all added to your viewing history. Not sure what that is? You’re not alone, as it’s surprisingly hidden! It’s easy to find your “Continue Watching” queue. It’s located near the top of the first screen you see, which is useful for finishing a series you’ve been binge-watching or a movie you didn’t have a chance to finish. What about when you want to find something you watched a month ago, but can’t remember the name of? Or, what if there’s something you watched that you don’t want a new user to find? Here’s how to find and delete your Netflix history.

* Note that when you delete your Netflix history, it’s not the same as deleting the titles you have pre-loaded to your NIghtShift device. Scroll to the bottom to learn how to delete content from NightShift.

Finding Your History

The first part can be a little tricky if you’re new to Netflix. Hover the mouse over your profile in the top right corner, but be careful not to click on it. If you accidentally click on the profile picture, you will be asked to select which profile you want to choose. When done correctly, you will see a drop-down menu. Select “Your account” and you will move to a new screen. Here, you are able to change all of your personal information, your plan,  your settings and your profile. Most importantly, you can find your viewing history here. It’s located under the “My Profile” section. Just click on “Viewing Activity” (see below).

Deleting Your History

You will now see everything you’ve watch since the beginning of your Netflix life. If you click on a title, it will take you to a new page where you can rate it (or watch it). Now, you can finally catch up on that show you forgot the name of. You can also rate all of the titles you’ve watched so Netflix has a better understanding of what to show you in your recommended sections. Plus, you can see recent account access so you know if there are any intruders. You can report a problem here too if you ever experienced interruptions because of playback issues.

If you want to delete a title from your viewing history, Just click on that “X” button. Don’t worry if doesn’t immediately leave your history. It can take up to 24 hours for the title to be removed. If the title you want to delete is a TV show, you will have the option of deleting individual episodes or the entire series. This can come in handy if you fell asleep while you were binge-watching a great new series you just found, or if someone in your family used your profile instead of their own. You can easily delete the extra episodes, or just start from scratch.

Have NightShift?

You can remove titles from your Netflix viewing history, but that doesn’t delete it from your NightShift router. If you want to delete content to make room for the new hits on Netflix, click here to see how and more.