In a world of internet memes and Reddit threads, the one about Satellite Internet users really hurts. It goes something like this –“Off the grid? (outside big cities/towns), no cat videos or Netflix for you”. Unfortunately, it’s true.  The fundamental problem with satellite internet, as the name suggests, has gotta do with the whole satellite thing. When internet packets have to travel back and forth thousands of miles into the sky wirelessly, time lag is a given with the current internet infrastructure limitations. Delay in server response times, thousands of users clogging the same tunnel during peak times, and content size further complicates this and leads to a frustrated you.

Satellite Internet Users Can Finally Watch Unlimited Netflix

While satellite issues are one part of the deal, most companies offer either limited data caps (10-40 GB/ month) per month or unlimited plans with 10-20 GB of high-speed data followed by an unlimited, yet super slow, bandwidth of 1-2 Mbps. It’s one way of buying a cake and not getting to eat it too. These reasons, together, possibly explain why you don’t wish to stay with your grandparents on ‘that beautiful hill’ during summer.

Estimates say about 30 million households in the US with broadband internet connection cannot stream high definition video. There is a whole other section of the population having a pretty good time actually. Traditional TV consumption is on a major decline and cord cutting needs no introduction these days. So, while no one could stop leading satellite internet service providers in offering “new, fast and unlimited” packages, there was no real solution emerging which allowed for HD quality experience without eating up all the high speed data. Until the good folks at Aterlo Networks decided this has to be fixed and boy, they did.


Founded by internet traffic management veterans from Sandvine, the company came up with a solution which extends the “content delivery network” to the home router and caches Netflix content. In simple terms, NightShift (you read it right, the device actually works while you sleep) essentially preloads Netflix shows and movies onto a storage device with their programmed router which then allows a user to watch Netflix without incurring any additional data, cost or buffering issues! It is programmed in a way that it downloads content during pre-defined night time slots (off-peak traffic and coincides with free time zones given as part of popular data plans) and then makes those titles available for viewing any time the user wants, any number of times. Yes, no need to pay for watching that episode of Peppa Pig your daughter loves again.


NightShift is to satellite internet Netflix lovers what Michael Jackson was and shall remain to the world of pop – indispensable.

NightShift  also offers exciting features like EasySchedule and EasyPlay allowing users to schedule content (to be preloaded) from any device, anywhere and play using any Netflix player. It also has an automatic feature where next three episodes of a TV show you watched are preloaded, just in case you wanted to bring the binge-watch mode on. Too cool, eh?

Currently available online, or through a network of dealers across the USA, NightShift is offered for a one time cost and monthly subscriptions pegged at $6.99 for a limited time. Numerous customers have reported savings of anywhere between $20-$60 per month on their internet bills. If you can preload, why waste priority data or consumer more costly bytes, right? If you wanna know how it works with your home internet setup, check out this interesting video.