You know you just wanna kick back and watch some Netflix.  But there is SO much to watch on Netflix it can be very overwhelming.  Do you want to watch a newer release or classic movie?  Do you want to watch a TV show? Or a Netflix original series?  Do you feel like watching a comedy? Drama? Horror? Documentary? Cartoon?  So many options!


Here are 5 ways to find good stuff to watch on Netflix.

What to watch on Netflix

1. “More Like This

By far my favorite method for finding new awesome stuff to watch is using the “More Like This.” When I have no idea what to watch I’ll either go back to a movie I know I liked or find one that looks kinda interesting and see what is listed under the “More Like This” section.  The thing I like about this feature is that you click a movie title and get “More Like This” and click another title and another “More Like This” list, and then another, and another.

But it’s pretty smart; it keeps track of the previous ones you’ve viewed so you can keep moving forward and backwards.  Therefore, it’s a good way to browse titles with similar genres, themes, or actors (or however Netflix’ secret algorithm here works); the titles are related in some way and it’s a cool way to find great content you might not otherwise consider.  Try some “More Like This” today!

2.  Twitter

Find out what’s trending on Twitter.  If you like to be part of the water-cooler talk at work (read: up to speed with the newest shows) Twitter is a great way to find out what’s coming and going from Netflix and what people love and hate.  For starters, we recommend following @NetflixLifee.


Great URL, right!?!?  On this site you make a series of decisions (Movie or Show? Crime, Drama, or Animation?) and it will recommend one specific title for you to watch.  However, it kind of a gamble since they only suggest one title.  Roll the dice here.  Warning: the ads on this site are hella annoying!

4. Genre codes.

A hidden treasure trove of goodies!  All you need to decide is what genre/category you’d like to browse. Use this URL and this genre list to create your own catalog of endless possibilities. Details on this hack here.

5.  Improve your personal recommendations.

Finally, take several steps and get Netflix to do the “what to watch” work for you.  For example, create your own profile, personalize your profile, complete the Netflix survey, and rate the titles you do watch (good or bad).  Read the details here.  Why not get Netflix itself to serve you some stellar recommendations?

Whatever you find to watch on Netflix we hope you find something unexpected that you enjoy!  Learn more about how to use NightShift as your Netflix DVR: right here.

What to watch on Netflix