We work with hundreds of satellite internet dealers across the United States.  NightShift offers many benefits to our growing network of dealers.  Here are the top 5 things our dealers love about selling NightShift.

  1. Earn Extra Money – We pay our dealers a commission on new NightShift subscriptions. People like earning extra cash, right?
  2. Get Listed on our Website – Dealers like that they get listed on our website for customers who might be looking for somewhere to buy NightShift.  And this gives dealers more potential customers.
  3. Reduce Customer Churn – Many customers love their Netflix; therefore, offering customers NightShift helps keep customers happy long-term!
  4. Join the Netflix Revolution – Netflix is changing the way people watch TV.  Consequently, being able to offer buffer-free Netflix to satellite internet users makes the dealer part of this huge revolution.
  5. Having the ‘Yes’ Answer – More than 75% of customers ask about watching Netflix. Dealers like that they are prepared with a YES answer instead of turning the customer away with a “No, no Netflix for you.”  Our dealers can say “Yes” to Netflix questions and close more sales!
Are you Ready to Become a Dealer?

> Learn more about becoming a dealer here.  Customers who cannot find a dealer in their area or prefer to buy direct from us can click here for more information.

NightShift Dealer Map