Just like the mix tapes you used to make in the 80’s and 90’s, Netflix has created a fun little feature called FlixTape.  The idea is that you can put together a “play-list” (that doesn’t actually play) of your favorite Netflix titles and share it on social media.  You can make your FlixTape based on your favorite actor or certain mood you’re trying to set.  Netflix gives you some examples but of course it’s fun to make your own.

You could get your friends to all contribute some ideas and this can take your binge fest to a whole new level!

Here are the 6 pre-designed lists Netflix is offering me today:

The Summertimes Flixtape featuring Staten Island Summer + more
The Besties or Frenemies Flixtape featuring Pretty Little Liars + more
The Couch University Flixtape featuring Cooked + more
The Family Reunion Flixtape featuring Gilmoure Girls + more
The Kiss and Tell Flixtape featuring Titanic + more
The Mom and Pop Flixtape featuring Longmire + more

You have the option to share the curated lists on Facebook or Twitter or via a link.  BUT better yet, you create your own!  That’s more fun right?

flixtape example
Our Flixtape

So I asked around the NightShift office to see what everyone thought we should include on our NightShift Flixtape.  And it looks like our office is mostly into TV shows.  Therefore, if you wanted to sit down and watch our mix-tape of Netflix it would take you several binge sessions! Check out which titles we chose here.  Overall, this seems like a fun thing to do.  However, because it doesn’t pull the playlist into your Netflix player it’s not very useful outside of being a fun experience and a throw-back to retro mix-tape making.

NightShift Flixtape


NightShift helps people with limited bandwidth or big data caps watch more Netflix.  If you’d like to learn more about pre-loading Netflix content during off-peak times, please go here for more information about our NightShift Netflix solution!