Netflix has a lot of originals this year. From documentaries to movies to series that become instant hits, there is a long list. However, we don’t all have time to look through every single title just to wonder if we will end up loving it or hating it. That’s why we broke everything up into categories. If you love documentaries, you’re on the right page! Here, you can find all of the Netflix Original children’s shows released in July.

The Adventures of Puss and Boots – July 15

Season 3 of everyone’s favorite swashbuckling cat in over-sized boots is coming to Netflix. Created by DreamWorks Animation, the series is full of comedy that the entire family can enjoy. Watching the movie is a great way to get an introduction to series.

Click here to watch the third season of The Adventures of Puss and Boots when it’s released on July 15, or watch the trailer below.

Popples – July 24

If you know what Popples is, you know your children are about to get excited to hear there are new episodes. This is a colorful, high-energy animation that will most likely remind you of the Care Bears. Watch these zany characters’ good-deeds backfire in comedic ways, and put back in place so their loving world can be continue.

Click here to watch season 2 of Popples when it’s released on July 24, or watch the trailer below.

HOME: Adventures With Tip & Oh – July 29

The story begins in the film Home, and continues into your home on Netflix with the first season airing this month. The animation may have changed, but the quest to find the answers to life’s valuable lessons remains the same. The duo embark on comedic adventures in a world shared by aliens and humans. Another Netflix Original made by DreamWorks Animations, this is one of the first to be released out of several planned series with the studio.

Click here to watch season 1 of HOME: Adventures With Tip & Oh (there is no trailer, but this one is for HOME).

LEGO Bionicle: The Journey to One – July 29

These aren’t your typical LEGO toys. With the first season still fresh in our minds (debuted March 4, 2016), the second season is all ready for its launch. Another in the line-up of many LEGO-themed Netflix Originals for children, this mini-series follows six heroes. They are part-organic and part-machine. They are the Toa, and they fight the evil Makuta to defend the mythical island of Okoto.

Click here to watch season 2 of LEGO Bionicle: The Journey to One when it’s released on July 29, or watch the trailer below.