Netflix is going to have a lot of originals this year. From documentaries to movies to series that become instant hits, there is a long list. However, we don’t all have time to look through every single title just to wonder if we will end up loving it or hating it. That’s why we broke everything up into categories. If you love documentaries, you’re on the right page! Here, you can find all of the Netflix Original documentaries released in July.

There are 3 Netflix Original documentaries released in July. The first to be released takes a behind-the-scenes look at the fashion industry in America. The second follows the inspirational journey of a self-help guru. The third is a docuseries about football that makes you see the players, and their struggles, in a whole new light.

Documentaries released in July

Making the American Man – July 1

A documentary about American men’s clothing manufacturers, it attempts to go beyond the materialism of just clothing, and into the psychology of being an American man. For someone who is more interested in the products of the fashion industry, this documentary will not likely be something you are interested in. If you are curious about the evolution of men’s clothing in America, and how it has changed over the years with the advent of social media and technology, you might find this film to be more fascinating.

Click here to watch Making the American Man when it’s released on July 1, or watch the trailer below.

Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru – July 15

Do you have a library of self-help books and still find yourself pondering, “How can I better achieve success?” Then you may have already heard of Tony Robbins. He is a world-renown life and business coach, and this documentary takes a behind the scenes look at his largest seminar “Date With Destiny.” If you are on the quest to find your destiny, you should watch this the day it debuts.

Click here to watch I Am Not Your Guru when it’s released on July 15, or watch the trailer below.

Last Chance U – July 29

A docuseries that goes behind the scenes of College football, there are 6 parts that complete the series. Football champions begin their careers on the same fields that these men are beginning their dreams. Taking place at East Mississippi Community College, the team is full of aspiring champions, and they must face ups and downs of competing to be the best in the game. This documentary series will take you as close as you can get to the players without actually being there.

Click here to watch Last Chance U when it’s relased on July 29, or watch the trailer below.