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Netflix is going to have a lot of originals this year. From documentaries to movies to series that become instant hits, there is a long list. However, we don’t all have time to look through every single title just to wonder if we will end up loving it or hating it. That’s why we broke everything up into categories. If you love documentaries, you’re on the right page! Here, you can find every Netflix Original series released in July.

Some are new and some are returning, but they are all going to be great. Despite Marco Polo‘s lackluster critic reviews (27%), its astounding audience reviews (93%) mean we get a brand new season. Only this time, the main character is getting pushed to the side. The next big returning title is Bojack Horseman. If you don’t already follow his Instagram profile, you are missing out on some hilarious face swaps. But enough horsin’ around! Scroll down to see all of the new and returning Netflix original series released in July.

Marcella – July 1

The story follows an ex-detective returning to a cold case from her past life. Recently left by her husband, she decides to join the force again to close the case she left unsolved. This complex series follows multiple stories tied together. However, none of the characters are perfect, including the main protagonist. If you are a fan of mysteries that hide clues in plain sight, psychological thrillers that take you down a path you thought wasn’t possible, and a world that is less-than-perfect, you might want to take this British thriller for a ride.

Click here to watch season 1 Marcella when it’s released on July 1, or watch the trailer below.

Marco Polo – July 1

If you’ve already watched season 1, you need no introduction to this epic story. A historical fiction drama, Marco Polo has landed himself in the court of Kublai Khan, a man on a conquest to become emperor of the world. Season 2 returns to the story, but with the focus shifted from the famed Marco Polo and onto Kublai Khan. For most, this is a welcomed change. The main story-line unfolds in the midst of Kublai’s court, where he is in a power-struggle for his continued reign. Marco Polo still plays an important role in the series, but he is no longer in the spotlight.

Click here to watch season 2 of Marco Polo when it’s released July 1, or watch the trailer below.

NSU German History X – July 7

Inspired by true events, the plot begins with the lift of the Iron Curtain and the creation of a far-right German terrorist group named the National Socialist Underground. The group, comprised of three misguided teens, believes that racially motivated murder will give Germany back to the German people. The forces that are supposed to be protecting those who are harmed are instead turning a blind-eye to the actions of the terrorist group, and often placing the blame on the ethnicity that was targeted. Although there are a select few trying to solve the case, they are impeded along the way. With the number of refugees currently at an all-time high, this mini-series is very timely.

Click here to watch NSU German History X when it’s released on July 7 (there is no trailer).

Bojack Horseman – July 22

Everyone’s favorite horse with attitude and a drinking problem is back. The first two seasons have told his success (and failure) stories in comedic fashion, and season 3 will likely do the same. With the ability to make you love him in one episode and hate him in the next, this horse will have you captivated the entire way — and the critics agree. If you can’t wait for the new season, you can watch the Bojack Horseman Christmas Special, or dive into an alternate universe where Horsin’ Around actually exists.

Click here to watch season 3 of Bojack Horseman when it’s released on July 22, or watch the trailer below.

Stranger Things – July 15

With a title and plot that screams Steven Spielberg, you can expect to find tidbits of eerie flashbacks to hits like E.T. and newer films like Super 8. The plot begins with the vanishing of a young boy, and thickens as his mother, pals, and older brother, along with the local police sheriff, attempt to solve the mystery. Overshadowing the story are a young girl and mysterious government experiments. If you love gripping mysteries with eerie settings taking place in the 80s, look no further.

Click here to watch season 1 of Stranger Things when it’s released on July 15, or watch the trailer below.