Does Netflix chew through an exorbitant amount of your monthly data or bandwidth?  Do your Gen X and Gen Y “kids” require immediate “on demand” entertainment?  Does the amount of Netflix watched in your household cause you to constantly pay bandwidth overage charges to your internet provider?  Does it slow down all your other internet activities when the “kids” all watch Netflix at the same time?  Are you annoyed by any of this?  If you said yes, NightShift has the solution for you!  And the answer is so simple:

Block Netflix Streaming For Anything Not Pre-Downloaded

angry bandwidth mom

Details: NightShift allows users with slow internet or severe data caps to download Netflix content at night for watching the next day buffer-free.  It includes an option where you can block Netflix from playing any content that isn’t pre-loaded.  This allows you to use any night-time free bytes you have to pre-load the Netflix content.  It saves your day-time bytes for other internet activities such as Facebook, Etsy, and Candy Crush.  It means “the kids” can only watch content that has been downloaded so it doesn’t tie up your internet with their video streaming.  It doesn’t “waste” your fastest day-time bandwidth on their constant Netflix binging.  NightShift will save your sanity!

Once the shows and movies are downloaded NightShift allows 3+ people to watch the Netflix content at the same time buffer-free without using any extra data / bandwidth.  Stop pulling your hair out!  Get NightShift to be your personal Netflix DVR!

NightShift Dealer Map

Does this sound perfect for you?  If so, please go here for more information about our NightShift Netflix solution!