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Netflix is not the only video streaming service around but we sure think it’s the best!  And we aren’t the only folks who think so. At Sandvine they collect data about internet usage (simply put) and they agree with us (or we agree with them?) about Netflix’ dominance:  “In North America, the dominance of Real-Time Entertainment on fixed networks is due in large part to the continued market leadership of Netflix.”

We’ve complied a list to justify our deep-rooted love for this awesome entertainment service.  See if you agree…


20 Reasons Netflix Dominates

1.  You CANNOT beat the price!  For endless hours of on-demand entertainment for less than $15/month!  How much is your cable television bill?
2.  2 Words: Original Content!  There is an amazing catalog (see here) of things you can only watch on Netflix.  And most of it considered pretty darn good!  Don’t trust us; you can ask just about anyone.
netflix originals
3.  Binging – a new way to watch tv and movies – made possible by Netflix who releases entire seasons of shows all at one time.  Gone are the days of having to wait a full week in between episodes.  This company believes we should be in control of our own viewing habits and not have to be a slave to the network’s time schedule.  See our 10 binge tips here.
4.  Speaking of that… Your show is always available.  You won’t miss an episode because you have to drive your son to soccer on Thursday nights.  On Netflix your show is always waiting for you instead. How liberating!
5. New content is always being added (and removed) to keep things fresh and interesting.  We try and keep track of that all for your in here in this “new and leaving” blog category.
6.  Make yourself a favorite list of things you want to watch in the future.  Because you can’t possibly watch everything at once you can add shows and movies to your list for easy access later.  See other ways to find content to watch here.
7. No commercials.  I.Seriously.Hate.Commercials!  So this is a big draw for anyone who doesn’t need to see another buy-this or buy-that advertisement.
8. There are tonnes of ways to watch Netflix: SmartTV, PS3, Blu-Ray Player, Wii, Cell Phone, iPad, PC, Macbook, and Google TV). + It’s portable and can go with you or even outdoors so you can tan your legs while watching your favorite show!
9. So Many Choices – Seriously, if you can’t find a tv show you LOVE or a series of movies to enjoy something is wrong with you.  The Netflix catalog is so big; there is something for everyone!
10. Netflix allows simultaneous logins – so different people can watch different things in different rooms; all with ONE login.  What?!?!
11. Unedited content.  Unlike watching a movie on TV there is no censorship.  There are no bleebs on profanity nor cut scenes to make time for the dreaded commercials.  Watch the movie the way it was intended to be watched!
12. Marvel – The popularity of Marvel has officially bled into Netflix.  Therefore, it has become the best go-to for anything Marvel.  If you’re a fan then you care about this one.
13. Netflix technology learns what you like, adapts to your tastes, and suggests other things you might enjoy.  As a result, you spend less time finding something to watch and more time watching great shows!
14. On Netflix you can watch things you wont see elsewhere, such as: documentaries, “tentpole movies,” B-list movies, private movies, short films, Ted-Talks etc.  Sure, TV channels play classic re-runs but there are shows on Netflix that you cannot find elsewhere.  Can you say: Bob Ross?
15. Quality.  Assuming you have decent internet bandwidth (and if you don’t, you need NightShift to help), the quality of shows and movies is great.  Furthermore, you can choose to stream in either SD or HD based on your viewing preferences.  For example, have you watched the classic 1994 Forrest Gump on Netflix lately? It’s been re-mastered and it’s stellar!
gump netflix
16. Netflix has your back.  If the phone rings or just gotta go you can literally come back and pick up right where you left off whenever, wherever. That’s solid!
17. Try before you buy! Everyone likes to get things for free. You can try it out for a month before you pay.  Hence, there’s nothing to lose.
18.  Pay less for more – kind of already covered this in #1 – but the difference here is with cable you are paying more for programs you don’t watch. If the average user watches 93 minutes of content per day on Netflix (as they did 2015). The cost break-down is pretty cheap:
At $10 per month, that’s $0.21 per hour
At $12 per month, that’s $0.25 per hour
At $14 per month, that’s $0.29 per hour
19. You can’t #NetflixAndChill without Netflix!  Wink wink
20.  Because you want to fit in!  Sandvine reports here that Netflix represented 35.2% of traffic on North American fixed networks…. 35% of internet traffic is astounding!  You know that EVERYONE is talking about, “have you seen Stranger Things yet????” – You just cannot be part of the cool-kids water-cooler gang if you aren’t able to converse about Netflix.

Did we miss any reasons why Netflix dominates?  Let us take this opportunity to allow you to get more from your Netflix by getting NightShift to download your shows and movies for watching the next day buffer-free!