If you have an Exede Liberty Plan, you know the freedom of having satellite internet and still getting to use it after you have hit your limit for the month. The only thing is, during on-peak hours you are not going to get the high speeds you are used to. So what can you do to make sure you are still getting the most from your internet? We give you 3 ways to get more from your Liberty Plan after you have switched over to your Liberty Pass (plus a secret on how to make your Priority Data last longer if you are an avid Netflixer!).

3 Ways To Get More From Your Liberty Plan


1. Downloading Updates

The most important thing to remember about the Liberty Plan is that you want your Priority Data to last the longest. This is because it means you will always be surfing at the highest speeds. By using your Liberty Pass to download all of the big updates for all of your devices (phone, computer, TV, consoles, etc.) you will not need to use your Priority Data for it the next month. Plus, your devices will always be up to date! Each device updates differently, so you will need to find out the best way by doing a quick search on the internet. If you are only worrying about Windows 10, here is the easiest way to download all of the updates at once: go to Settings -> Update & security -> Windows Update, and select Check for updates. There might be a long list already waiting for you. This is just the first way to get more from your Liberty Plan.

2. Downloading Software

This applies to video games, productivity software, and anything else that will eat a lot of your Priority Data. If it is something small, and you need it urgently, always download it immediately — that is what having the Liberty Pass is all about! However, if you play video games online, you always want the fastest connection to ensure that latency is the only thing you need to worry about. Always download the games and software you want when you have switched over to your Liberty Pass. You can always buy what you want when it is on sale, and download them later. It might take a little patience (or a lot of it) but you will have a much better experience in the end.

3. Downloading Netflix

With the Liberty Plan, you are already seeing how enjoyable Netflix binge-watching can be. While you are using your Priority Data, the picture quality is always astounding. Unfortunately, when you switch over to the Liberty Pass, things can get a little choppy. One of the themes in this post is saving your Priorty Data, as it is the surest way to always have the best connection. By using NightShift, you can download everything you are going to watch using your Liberty Pass. You can watch it the same month or the next month without using any extra data! This means you will never have to use your Priority Data for Netflix unless you see something brand new that you have to watch immediately. Even better, you can stream downloaded Netflix content to up to 3 screens and still not have to use a noticeable amount of data. This is one of the best ways to get more from your Liberty Plan if you love Netflix as much as we do.