Are you stuck with slow DSL? Do you constantly try to find ways to speed it up? There are a lot of articles on how to boost your speeds and keep your PC clean, but the speed you want is never quite reached. The good news is that slow speeds may not be holding you back as much as you think they are. In fact, it might actually be making you more productive — if you need to wait for Facebook to load, you’ll only be checking it when it’s not going to be a distraction. This article will help you make sure that your bandwidth is being used productively, and that you are getting 100% of what you expect when you need it. Here are the 4 best ways to get more from slow DSL.

Get More From Slow DSL

4 Ways to Get More From Slow DSL


#1 – Schedule, schedule, schedule

Did you know that you can schedule times for your computer to turn on and off? You can! You can also schedule your computer to download and install updates. If you don’t already know, these updates can hog your bandwidth when you need it most. The operating system you are using changes how to set up this neat function. If you have Windows installed, just type in or search for “Task Scheduler.” Then follow these instructions. If you are using Mac OS X, just open the “Systems Preferences” window. Then follow these instructions.

Scheduling downloads will help you in two ways. 1) You will not be using bandwidth to update your OS when you are using the computer and 2) Your computer and any software will always be kept up to date. You can even schedule video games to download using the Steam client, or schedule downloads from websites using a scheduler. There is no end to creativity when deciding when to download what. You can even schedule TV shows and movies from Netflix to pre-load, but we will get to that one in #4.


#2 – If you don’t need it, turn it off

On the note of bandwidth hogging, there are probably a handful of apps running right now that you aren’t aware of. You need to turn these bandwidth-suckers off. If you have any 3rd party software installed, such as Dropbox, Evernote, or another application that sends and/or receives information from the internet, you should exit them unless you are using them. Even if you aren’t actively uploading an image to the cloud using Dropbox, it is still in a constant connected state. If you are limited for bandwidth, this handful of bites per second make a world of difference.

This can also help if you have both a slow DSL connection and a slow internet. You can go as far as disabling images to load on websites and blocking those pesky ads. Turning of bandwidth-hogging apps will also mean less strain on the rest of your computer’s resources. Overall, this is a fantastic way to not only speed up your computer and internet, but also to get more from your DSL.

Bonus Tip: Set your browsers to be text-only. This will get rid of all images, but you still have the option to view what you want to. This way, you will only have to wait for what you actually want to see to load.


#3 – Stop it before it starts

You may not have any control over how fast your internet is, but you can change how much it slows down. Some of the most common problems with slow internet come from the internet. From malicious viruses to seemingly harmless spyware, you need to defend yourself from anything that wants to slow you down even more. The first action to take is making sure you have virus protection. Scan your computer and get rid of anything that pops up. If you are using a free virus scanner, it probably doesn’t scan for spyware. Your next step is to download a spyware scanner. Scan your computer and delete anything that pops up.

Note: Sometimes, virus and spyware scanners will want to delete all of your cookies. Although this is typically the best thing to do (if they are only tracking you), they may actually be cookies you want to keep! Useful cookies make it so that when you visit a website again, less information needs be sent and received for the page to load. The easiest way to tell the difference is if the name of a website you frequently visit is in the name of the cookie.


#4 – NightShift Netflix

That’s right! You can schedule Netflix to pre-load all of the TV shows and movies you want to watch using NightShift. Who knew that having DSL wouldn’t be so bad after all? All you need is the hardware, which includes a router and a USB for storage, and a subscription to Netflix and NightShift (these subscriptions are separate). Connect the router to your network, and you can stream any pre-loaded content to any device connected to that network. You can stream to up to 3 screens at a time without losing any noticeable bandwidth along the way. You can try it with a 30-day money back guarantee.