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1. Gym

Image: Gym Aboard Grace E – via

Being in the middle of the ocean is no excuse for not exercising for the superyacht owner. Having a fully equipped gym, along with a separate one for the crew, is one of the most common rooms that you will find on any superyacht. They vary in size and caliber. Some are fit with enough equipment for an army (otherwise known as the family), and others perfect for the soloist. It does not end with the equipment though; the view is equally as important. Having an amazing view of the vast, beautiful ocean is one of the reasons for owning a superyacht, so seeing only blue is the perfect scenery as you complete your morning cardio. A gym is not just superyacht entertainment; it is a superyacht necessity.

You can find more inspiration for gym designs at Boat International.

2. Pool

Image: Pool Aboard Quattroelle via

What superyacht is complete without a pool and a hot tub? It can be the perfect remedy to heal any soreness after exercising, or the perfect recreation opportunity for everyone while at sea. For that reason, adding decor can create themes that give the entire vessel more personality. Enchanting vessels leverage the environment and create pools with the ocean water. Exotic vessels add lily pads. Elaborate vessels incorporate the pool in the grandeur architecture of the ship. Sophistication found in the never-ending illusion of an infinity pool never goes unnoticed. It is important to note that not all pools are able to be used when they are at sea; they must be equipped with counter-flow. Having a pool that serves as being more than just a pool is the epitome of superyacht entertainment.

You can find more inspiration for pool designs here.

3. Sports

Image: Basketball Court Aboard Hampshire II via

It can be a lot more fun staying active through sports than by working out at the gym. Having your own basketball court, tennis court, rock climbing wall, or anything else that you can safely imagine, is the harmonious blend of superyacht entertainment and adventurous spirit. If having the ship renovated is not at the top of your priorities, then having tenders and toys such as scuba gear or jet skis will bring you closer to the ocean and everything she has to offer. Every superyacht needs some form of sport’s entertainment. Who does not dream of playing basketball with a view that you can only achieve at sea? Besides, is there a better time to work on your 3-pointers?

You can find more inspiration for sports ideas here.

4. X-Factor

Image: Concept of Shaddai by Gabriele Teruzzi via

A lot of superyacht owners are renovating newly purchased ships so they have something unique added, and more and more new designs are beginning to look otherworldly. Whether the design elevates you and your guests to new heights — literally — or takes you further into the ocean with a glass bottom floor, there needs to be something that makes your ship personal and unique. If you are renovating, adding a waterfall, an infinity pool, an aquarium, or a personal Imax private theater can add more excitement. There is no end to imagination when it comes to personalizing your superyacht entertainment.

You can read more about Shaddai here.

5. Netflix

Image: Imax’s Platinum private theatre via

There are some very impressive “home” theaters on superyachts. Unfortunately, due to sailing the ocean, they are limited to physical media or storage devices. That is because, until now, having satellite internet meant that the bandwidth was too low to stream video on demand services such as Netflix. However, by using NightShift Pro, superyacht owners can be watching their favorite Netflix originals wherever the ocean takes them. Even the crew, if they have access to their own TV, is able to share in this new experience. Netflix at sea provides the ultimate superyacht entertainment, especially when paired with a personal Imax theatre.

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