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It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: You walk into the living room and find your eight-year-old daughter and her friend watching a movie filled with violence, explicit sexuality, and/or vulgar language.  Your stomach sinks; why aren’t the parental controls working?  We live in an age when parents have to work even harder to restrict the media their children are viewing.  It is so easy for children of all ages to innocently stumble upon content that you’d rather they not be exposed to.  Netflix surely has shows and movies in their catalog that you’d rather your kids didn’t watch.  But are the Netflix parental controls enough?

Netflix Parental Controls

parental controls

Yes, Netflix has parental control options which you can read about on their site here.  But you’re assuming they’ve rated movies and shows the way you would.  Could something slip through that you’d rather your child not watch?  However, you may not want your teenager to have a full access to all of Netflix but their “kid’s section.”  Netflix says it’s for kids 12 and under, but this might be too juvenile for a fourteen-year-old.  Maybe the pre-set categories are not right for you and your children. Furthermore, even setting up different profiles of each user doesn’t completely safe-guard you.  There’s no way to stop one profile user from using a different profile if they know how to access it.  For example, tech savvy teenagers could easily crack into their father’s Netflix profile.  The parental controls offered by Netflix might not be enough for you.

NightShift Parental Controls

If you don’t think the Netflix parental controls are enough, NightShift offers a sure-fire method for blocking any untoward Netflix content. And, it’s very easy!  First, get NightShift here.  Second, don’t allow your children or teens access to your NightShift account (as in, don’t share your log-in password with them).  Third, download only content that you deem appropriate for them to watch using our NightShift portal.  Finally, turn the NightShift Netflix blocking feature ON from the Configure page of your account.  This will ensure that only shows and movies that you have chosen to download onto NightShift will be accessible by any Netflix player in your house.  All other Netflix content will be blocked from being streamed in your household (this also helps you save your internet data too!).  Our solution offers you a parental control solution that is certain not to fail!

If NightShift sounds like it could help you with your parental controls or data-cap management, please go here to learn more.

parental controls