Netflix is going to have a lot of originals this year. From documentaries to movies to series that become instant hits, there is a long list. However, we don’t all have time to look through every single title just to wonder if we will end up loving it or hating it. That’s why we broke everything up into categories. If you love documentaries, you’re on the right page! Here, you can find every Netflix Original series released in August.

David Cross: Making America Great Again – Released August 5

Most people know him as Tobias Fünke, the oblivious hilarious character in Arrested Development. With Netflix’s release of Arrested Development, it’s not too surprising that they see there is more to be Tobias. Now sporting a thick grey beard, David Cross knows that a lot of people only see him as that character, and in David Cross: Making America Great Again, he breaks that character into pieces. Brace yourself if you are about to enjoy — or hate — his first comedy tour in six years.

The Get Down

Critics and viewers have not been getting along this year, with one saying “horrible” and the other “phenomenal.” The Get Down is another show that gets roasted by critics and praised by its viewers. Starting off slow, and perhaps uneven, it picks up the pace as it approaches the finish line. A mixture of dimly lit grit and splashes of color fill the screen and the characters as your told the story of how hip hop was born. This is where musicals meet hip hop.


Have you ever wondered what climbing onto a bucking bull for 8 seconds felt like? How about why anyone would want to? Fearless focuses on the cowboys that train tirelessly to ride those bulls. Unlike most documentaries that film bull riding, this one takes more time to understand their choices and their lives. Still, there is a lot of action and a lot of slow-motion bull riding that the fans enjoy. If you want a closer look at the bull riding cowboy’s life, check this out immediately.

Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy: We’ve Been Thinking… – August 26

This comedy duo have been long-time friends, and it shows on stage. The tour received mixed ratings, but many comedians do when they say the same jokes over and over again in different ways. To many, Jeff Foxworth is the star of the show and makes it all worth saying. Still, comedy can be taken many different ways, and you might Larry to be on rise, or you may think this is the best performance yet by the duo. Only you can decide, so if you enjoy stand-up comedy, don’t miss Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy: We’ve Been Thinking…