August may not seem quite as exciting as July when it comes to Netflix Originals or new arrivals, but there is still a lot to be excited for. Here are our top 6 movies coming to Netflix in August. This covers multiple genres, so there is bound to be something that you will want to watch the moment it arrives.

The Fast and The Furious – Arriving August 1

The movie that started a franchise that lives on and is loved today. If you’ve never watched the origin movie, Netflix has now given you the opportunity to do so. Paul Walker plays as an undercover LAPD police officer that is assigned to infiltrating a street racing ring. Enamored by the world he is sent to destroy, his loyalties are put to the test. Vin Diesel plays the skilled street racer that is prime suspect, and main reason, for the crack-down by police. We may already know the outcome, but it is fun to watch again, again and again. Also, Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift is arriving on August 1, so you can watch them back-to-back.

Sleepy Hollow – Arriving August 1

It’s likely that you’ve heard the tales of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and if you have, you’ve probably seen this movie already. Starring Johnny Depp and directed by Time Burton, it goes without saying that this is a pinnacle of Gothic-horror this duo has mastered time and time again. A detective is sent to uncover the mystery of several victims of cruel murder, leaving them headless. As the story goes, these murders were carried out by the headless horseman — a match that detective was not expecting.

Star Trek: Nemesis – Arriving August 1

With the recent removal of all the Star Trek original movies from Netflix, this addition is more than welcome. Starring Patrick Stewart as the captain of the Enterprise, the crew encounters trouble when they run into something very unexpected floating through space. Led under false pretenses, the crew is sent to the Romulan home world to undergo peace talks. This is not your typical Star Trek.

Pay It Forward – Arriving August 1

Haley Osment, having just debuted in Sixth Sense, teams up with Kevin Spacey and Arlene McKinney. A young boy is assigned homework that he believes can change the world. Like every child, he believes his idea will work. Instead of only paying back kindness with kindness, you should give back kindness to three more people. This simple idea changes the lives of those around him, and the lives of those he will never meet.

No Country For Old Men – Arriving August 11

Stumbling across $2 million is a dream come true for anyone, just not when it belongs to drug runners. Josh Brolin stars alongside Javier Bardem and Tommy Lee Jones in this thrilling adventure. The movie follows what you would typically expect of a western. Lots of shootouts and deserts.

The Road – Arriving August 25

An apocalyptic future has been the setting in much of pop culture lately. The difference in this film: the reason for the end of civilization is never explained. A father and son find themselves in a relentless, brutal and inhospitable landscape, along with marauders and cannibals. The duo set out to reach warmer land, but there is harsh land and predators in the way. Finding sympathy in a cold world is difficult, but The Road manages to do so.