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The ultimate superyacht multimedia room looks different to every owner. It can be fully-equipped with a projector, reclining black leather theater chairs and a popcorn machine, or it might resemble a modern family room with a 103″ 4k TV and impeccable surround sound. There is a lot that goes into it either way, and knowing exactly what you want in it is the first step to getting the experience that will not just satisfy you, but keep you happy when sailing for days.

1. Future Proofing

Superyacht Imax conception via

Above all else, everything you do, from style to pixel to decibel, must be future proofed. This is your best best to always be winning the entertainment arms race aboard your superyacht. By future proofing your multimedia room, you are also making it easier to upgrade at a later time, save your money, and in the best scenarios, forego upgrading for a longer period of time. The equipment you choose depends on the technology at the time — it is always suggested to lean towards the trend. For example, if you have wired surround sound and later opt for wireless, you will have to hire contractors and designers to recreate your theater and make room for the improvements.

2. Style


The elegant styling of the theater aboard Lady Christine via

Style is king, or this case, queen. The superyacht you chose has a certain aesthetic to it. It speaks to the world in a unique way, and so should the inside of her. For the ultimate superyacht multimedia room to truly be ultimate, comfort is one of those ways. If you are able to, having a dedicated cinema room is always going to provide a better experience for you and your guests. By having a separate room, everything from seating to viewing can be fine tuned for your pleasure. It also means the complete separation of work and relaxation. There is nothing more comfortable.

When it comes to design choices, the size and shape of the room should take precedence. By ensuring that the room is rectangular, with curves instead of corners, your surround sound will also take advantage of the resonating capabilities that a room of that shape provides. It also means a clear, unobstructed view of the screen that is always directly in front of you. By recreating the shape of a typical theater, you will have a hidden world within your moving world.

3. Sound

With future proofing in mind, and knowing that the location and style of your theater matters, it is time to move on to sound. The ultimate superyacht multimedia room will fall short if the sound does not match your needs. Feeling the movie through its music is equally as important as the visuals. Having a state of the art system is only half the battle. The proper mix to make the lows rumble and fill the room will make even a mid-sized system blow its competitors out of the water. This might require having a crew member who understands the composition and the technology. Having the best surround system also means having a hidden surround system; not being able to see what you are hearing is part of the magic.

4. Screen

Outdoor cinema onboard Maltese Falcon via

Depending on whether the screen is inside or outside, it can vary from 4k OLED with 3D to sail-sized projections. Having a screen that suits the setting and your personal preferences is important to your overall viewing experience. If you will be chartering your superyacht, having an elaborate outdoor cinema can solidify its standing as being one of the 7 wonders of the world. With newer and newer technology creating waves every year, staying ahead of the trend is important. By knowing how much of a curve your next big screen is going to have will help you with the design of your room — getting a head start on renovations means that your cinema will always be ahead of the rest every time time you sail.

4. Physical Media and Storage

There are a number of ways to take your media with you. There are hubs that you can store a library of physical Blu-rays and CDs, and others that store TBs of data. Either way, you can expect to wirelessly cast all of your content to your TVs and surround sounds. A lot of these devices, along with all of the cords that come with them, should be conveniently hidden from plain view. By being in another room, there is a sense of elegance. Screens that can be hidden behind wall panels when they are not in a dedicated cinema room can also clean the room of any distractions when it comes to time with the family. Lastly, you should always expect to use your tablet to control everything — from music to movies.

6. Netflix

Until very recently, having a multimedia room on a superyacht meant leaving Netflix onshore and bringing shelves full of physical media on board. This is no longer the case. As long as you have internet, you can bring the roughly 5,082 titles that Netflix holds in its libraries anywhere you go. Start watching Stranger Things onshore and finish it offshore. Not having to bring all of your physical media will save space and give you more to watch with no added hassle. All you need is NightShift Pro. Depending on the length of your superyacht and the size of your crew, there are 3 different subscriptions to choose from. Forget the future. Nowadays, it is completely impossible to have the ultimate superyacht multimedia room without Netflix.