The mining industry works 24/7, so the little downtime that a miner gets can go a long way. In the past years, a lot of dedication has gone into ensuring that the quality of life for a miner while at the camp is bordering amazing. Some of the following ways to increase miner happiness are tried and true. With technology becoming more and more powerful, new ways to increase miner happiness are piquing the interest of mine owners everywhere. In recent years, we have been able to put internet into the hands of miners across the globe. However, in isolated areas, internet speed is still something that can hamper the entertainment we get from watching videos on streaming sites such as Netflix. Here are four ways to increase miner happiness.

1. Gymnasium

Miners need to stay in excellent mental and physical shape. A great way for miners to unwind at the end of the day is to unleash their stress at a gym. Some camps will also have classes that miners can attend, which further encourage an active lifestyle outside of the mines. It is also likely that there is a lot of space around the mine. This area can be utilized in many ways. One of which is creating a track for cardio. Providing opportunities for miners to live an active lifestyle will improve their physical and mental wellness.

2. Sports

Depending on the size of the camp and the length of the stay, some camps have amenities that even the rich envy. From tennis courts to golf courses, you can expect to find somewhere to play some form of sport. This also depends on the climate; it would be unreasonable to have outdoor sports in certain weather conditions. However, there is always an option for having indoor sports that miners can enjoy. Sports, in conjunction with a gymnasium, will give plenty of active pastimes to increase miner happiness. It will also give miners a chance to spend time together participating in something non-work related, especially on a dry mine.

3. Television

At most mining camps, miners have their own abode with access to television and internet. Here, they can watch whatever they like, and if they have an accessory or device to hook up to the television such as a DVD player or video game console, they can take advantage of that too. As mentioned earlier, the internet can be great for sending emails to loved ones and checking social media, but watching videos is next to impossible if there is a weak signal. The television, however, should allow the miner some much deserved access to entertainment.

4. Netflix

Even with television, most people today agree that streaming media is overtaking traditional media. However, if there is not enough bandwidth, how can Netflix be possible? The answer: With NightShift Pro. You can provide your employees with the ultimate form of entertainment that they are accustomed to having while at home. They can even watch Netflix originals virtually with their family and friends while they chat with them. That is because with NightShift Pro, you do not need any additional bandwidth, and it does not hog the bandwidth that you have.

If you are reading this, you are already taking steps that your competitors are missing out on. Stay ahead of the rest and ensure your employee retention remains high. Click here to find out how to bring Netflix to your miners.