The average shift for a worker on an oil rig is 12 hours, and the average cycle is 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. There is never a short supply of work, so employers need to keep workers happy on an oil rig to keep the quality of work consistent. That’s why many oil rigs, whether contracted to drill or manning the station, go out of their way to provide top-notch necessities and amenities for their workers. Here are 4 of the best ways to keep workers happy on an oil rig.

1. Food, food, food

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach — the same could be said for reserving his strength. Having well-balanced meals full of proteins, vitamins and minerals will do more than just keep energy levels up. It will remind workers that their work is appreciated and ensure that the best workers stay wanting more. Some rigs go as far as having chefs that serve meals bordering gourmet. That may be above and beyond in some circumstances, but it pays off when it comes to employee moral. All in all, keeping a variety of good, hardy meals is vital to keep workers happy on an oil rig.

2. Keep Everything Clean

Workers are expected to keep themselves and the rig clean. If cleaning chores begin being added to their daily routine, it can get a little overwhelming. That is why having their beds made, along with keeping the eating and lounge areas tidy, is important to keep workers happy on an oil rig. Clean, open spaces are known to settle minds. When a worker has completed his shift, he will appreciate not having any clutter wherever he goes.

3. Other amenities

Having somewhere other to go than a bedroom or a cafeteria is always a perk for a worker on an oil rig. If there is space for a gym, it will likely be used and appreciated. Spending a long day working does not necessarily mean that keeping another routine will not come in handy. Some oil rigs will even go above and beyond by offering a sauna. Other, more common amenities, such as having a rec room with a television and some video games is always something that will be appreciated, and perhaps even necessary — there is also something else that go can into the rec room, but we will explore that in the next one.

4. Netflix

Oil rigs, offshore and on land, can now have internet no matter where they are located. The only issue is that the internet can be slow, or at least unable to stream multiple videos. If you told your employees that they can watch Netflix on the rig, it is guaranteed they will be ecstatic. Now, you can tell them that. If you use NightShift Pro, you can provide your employees with the same Netflix experience on land and off land. Even better, there can be multiple televisions and devices streaming Netflix at the same time. Your rig may already have all of the above amenities and commodities, but adding Netflix will make working for you that much more enticing.

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