It’s October, which means Halloween is just around the corner. There are numerous Halloween movies on Netflix, but here are the ‘Halloween movies’ coming out this month. From comedy to outright scary, you’ll be up all night after watching these!

Ghost Town

Though this movie will not conjure any nightmares — possibly a good thing for those of us who scare easily — it does involve ghosts! Ricky Gervais, the British actor you may recognize from Netflix Originals Derek and Special Correspondence, stars in this comedy drama. Bertram Pincus, someone who is far from being a people person, dies unexpectedly. He is revived after seven minutes with a special gift — the ability to see ghosts who all happen to want something from him. Frank Herlihy, the most pestering, forces him to break up the marriage of his widow Gwen.


The Queen of the Damned

Loosely based on Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles, the movie follows the vampire Lestat as he becomes a rock star in a world he has only just awoken to. With a small band of followers, he discovers that he has awoken the Queen of the Damned. She wants nothing but hell on Earth, and for Lestat to be her king. This thriller can be the perfect start to Halloween fright on Halloween night! You may also opt to read the books first, just to get a better understanding of the world that the vampires reside in.

The Uninvited

Some secrets just won’t die. The first in the list to be truly scary and perfect for Halloween night, The Univited follows sisters Anna and Alex as they uncover secrets about their dead mother, and their current step mother who also happened to be their mother’s nurse. A murder mystery that meets supernatural intrigue, you will  never expect what comes next.


Happy Halloween!