You can schedule your PVR box to record TV shows and movies, why can’t you schedule Netflix to do something similar? True, Netflix doesn’t stream live, but there are a couple of good reasons you should consider it. First, if you experience constant buffering and lagging, it can save you a lot of hassle. Second, each time you watch something on Netflix, it uses your data — if you record it, you only use your data once. Either way, you are saving yourself time and money. The best part about NightShift: You can schedule Netflix to record whatever TV show or movie you want from anywhere, at any time.

How to Schedule Netflix with NightShift


Step 1: Choose what you want to watch


The first step might actually be the hardest — choosing what to watch. If there’s something that’s just hitting Netflix, it makes it easy. However, if you’ve already binge-watched all of the great originals that Netflix has to offer, it can be a lot harder. If you’ve been using Netflix for a while, you might be interested in knowing that the ratings shown to you offer more insight than expected. That can be a great way to find something new to watch that you never would have thought of. Once you’ve decided on a TV show or movie, it’s time to schedule Netflix with NightShift!

Step 2: Sign into NightShift from any device


If you are at the office, at the grocery store, or even a passenger in a car, you can sign into NightShift on any device. Once you’ve signed in, just type in the name of whatever it is you want to watch, and click on the + button located on the image of the TV show or movie. That’s it! It’s scheduled for download. Depending on your internet plan, you might have NightShift set to download over night using your Bonus Bytes or Late Night Free Zone. If you are using DSL, it will be ready by the time you get home!

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