A superyacht’s central server is the heart of its multimedia entertainment. When you want to relax and watch a movie or TV show, or set the tone with the perfect music, the server you choose matters. However, when it comes to loading up the server with thousands of of CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays, it can take a real toll on your crew’s time. There is newer technology that speeds up the process by making it easier to manually upload files, but there are still some options other than the traditional way of doing things. You will always have to rely on your superyacht’s central server for music and the odd movie, but why not mix it up with these?

Superyacht's Central Server

Superyacht’s Central Server – The Alternatives


Satellite TV

Satellite TV on superyachts is probably the most common alternative option to stored media. It allows you to watch live TV so you can keep up with news, watch the highlights of the last game, and watch TV shows the second they premiere. However, satellite TV still leans slightly on the traditional side of things, being a relatively old technology. With that in mind, there are numerous advancements still being made to upgrade the quality of signal to keep up with 4K TV. In the end, having the luxury of keeping the same service onboard your superyacht as you do off it is something that is worth keeping.

Apple TV

Apple TVs on superyachts are becoming increasingly common. Though it will not completely replace your superyacht’s central server, you will be able to play everything stored on your iTunes account from music to movies. It also allows for some personalizing. If the kids like certain music and movies that you do not, it will keep your media libraries separate from each other. This reduces clutter in the long run. It also gives you more room to hold blu-rays that you want to watch. With movie files growing in size, having an Apple TV will help you make the most of the limited space on the server.

Kaleidescape (or similar)

It would be surprising if you do not have dedicated movie server such as Kaleidescape or a similar service. Having a service like this will let you purchase movies, and it will act as your superyacht’s central server. This two-in-one feature is something that is hard to look over. The best thing about the Kaleidescape is that it will keep up with the technology of your TV and play 4K. Plus, you can stay ahead of the rest by purchasing new films before they are released in stores. You can even play the sound tracks from the movie.


Netflix — you probably did not expect this one, and nobody would blame you. This is the least common service you will find on a superyacht, and rightly so. Since the inception of Netflix, nobody thought they would be watching Netflix original premiere while miles from land. Now, with the help of NightShift, you can. You will be ahead of the rest when you tell your friends you just watched the latest Netflix original on its release date while you were cruising to your last destination. Everyone will be asking how you did it.

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