Following the widespread demands from users since the inception of the popular streaming service, Netflix has finally launched its offline viewing feature with a simple blog post early this morning on the company website,  supported by a couple of tweets from the official twitter handle.

What this means is that Netflix subscribers across the world can use their Android or iOS devices (this feature is not for Laptops, PCs, Smart TVs and other platforms) to download Netflix TV shows and Movies and watch them offline. That is, if you’ve ever wished you had Breaking Bad with you on a lonely holiday island or those gruesome inter-continental flights, your prayers have been answered.

Netflix download
Netflix download

The way this works is pretty simple – You find the ‘download’ icon on the available show/movie (download feature is limited to a part of the Netflix library) and Netflix will start downloading that for you onto the local storage of your iOS or Android device. By default, it uses Wi-Fi network to download to save you from shocking cellular bills. The video quality (standard def/ HD) of the content depends on the device being used. 

Now comes the bigger question which some of you (our dear NightShift users) might be thinking about – Do I continue to use NightShift to preload Netflix content using my slow or limited internet or move over to this new Netflix feature?

Well, NightShift was designed while keeping in mind the possibility of this feature being eventually launched by Netflix (rumors have been around for over a year now, especially since Amazon Video was already offering this feature). And that’s why we offer this quick take on how NightShift is still relevant to your streaming wants and how you can make the best use of the Netflix offline feature and NightShift together to enjoy the best of entertainment.

7 Big Reasons Why You’ll Still Love to Use NightShift

1. Higher Quality – Since Netflix only has a small amount of device storage to work with, they have traded quality for disk usage, even for the HD option.  The regular downloads are standard definition and encoded at 500 Kbps or less, and the high definition downloads are 720p videos encoded at 1Mbps.  This is a much lower quality than most streaming Netflix video, even for standard-def mobile plans such as T-Mobile’s Binge On. So if you watch on a TV or are a stickler for crystal clear video, you want NightShift

2. Multiple Devices – With NightShift, you can stream preloaded content to multiple devices (mobile, tablets, computer, Smart TVs, others) at the same time! With Netflix offline feature, you can only store the downloaded file onto one device and not share it with others.

3. Access to all Content – Netflix has made available the new feature for some of its most popular content (including originals like The Crown, Stranger Things, Breaking Bad and others). A lot of movies also feature this ‘download’ icon. However, not all of the Netflix library is available for offline viewing. With NightShift, you can schedule ANY Netflix movie/ TV show for preloading and watch it anytime!

4. Scheduled Preload – One of the most important features of NightShift is the ability to schedule your content to be preloaded automatically within a pre-decided (and customizable) time window. This is critical for users on satellite Internet or any Internet service that offers night-time bonus bytes or a free zone and it helps keep data bills under control. With Netflix, offline download option is real-time so if you want to download something at 2:00AM in the morning, you’ll have to be a night owl and align your body clocks with the ones on the wall.

5. Storage – Netflix offline viewing allows you to download selected shows and movies onto your local storage with iOS and Android devices. The amount of content you can download is directly dependant on the available space on your phones/ tablets. With all those vacation photos, music and work files, making space for Netflix content on the phone can be a challenge. With NightShift, you get a dedicated 64GB (or higher) for storing your favorite Netflix shows and movies. That’s about 30 HD movies or 60 hours of standard-definition TV shows and movies.

6. Bandwidth Savings – With multiple users and devices in a household, downloading individual titles multiple times on different devices can not only be a hassle but can wreak havoc on the monthly Internet bill (by going over data limits) and clog the network. Thanks to NightShift, downloaded content can be streamed to different devices without incurring additional data usage! Many NightShift subscribers have saved over $50 per month on undesirable extra data charges/high-speed tokens on their monthly bills.

7. Intelligent Programming – While Netflix offline feature offers the simple download and watch later option for its subscribers, NightShift employs some intelligent programming to adapt itself to your streaming needs. Two important features – automatic preload for the TV shows you schedule and data allowance management are constantly rated very positively by our users.

Automatic preload – If you schedule and watch 1 episode of a TV show, NightShift automatically schedules the next few episodes of that TV show to assist you in your binge-watching spree!  That way, NightShift stays ahead of your evening entertainment time and doesn’t make you wait overnight to find out the killer in that beloved show!

Data allowance management – For users with variable pricing plans, such as free off-peak data, NightShift can keep track of their data cycles (date of reset, data available, usage) in order to stop and start working dependent on the day of the month and available free zone or bonus bytes. This allows you to stay care-free and just focus on the streaming experience.

Hope this post gave you useful information about the new Netflix download feature and how you can use continue to use NightShift for all your buffer-free Netflix streaming in full HD quality. In case you have any questions or feedback, please reach us at

Till then, Happy NightShift-ing!

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