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Robin Sharma, famed writer and leadership speaker perfectly sums up the excitement at NightShift HQ today – ‘Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end’. During the past six months, we’ve spent a lot of time collecting, analyzing and working on the invaluable feedback shared by our beloved users. Topping all of this off with hours and hours of code writing and strategy meetings, we’re excited to launch the new app interface for all NightShift users today. Yes, when you login to your account today, you’ll be meeting a new way to find and schedule your favorite Netflix content with NightShift. And no, the way you enjoy preloaded content on your smart TVs, phones, tablets and iPads doesn’t change.

In order to ensure that this transition is smooth for all of you out there, this blog post is divided into two sections.

  • Part 1 – Introducing the new features you’ll find within your account.
  • Part 2 – Steps / directions and howtos to help you play with the interface right away

Are you ready?

We are waiting……

Now? Awesome, Let’s get started

Step 1: Searching

Part 1 – NightShift Discovery  – Explore and Enjoy

Here’s a quick take on the 10 amazing features you can use with the new interface


  • Interactive Search   – Find new content to preload and watch across Netflix categories like New Arrivals, Originals, Genres (Sci-Fi, Comedy, Others)
  • Search categories   – Within each category, you can find sub-categories or search content by year of release and ratings.
  • Title informationHovering over the title with your mouse brings the description, length, and rating of the movie/TV series and all episodes.
  • One click add/ delete – With just one click in the middle of the title, you can add or delete the title from NightShift.
  • Icons for Preload Status – Simple ‘clock’ icon to show if your requested title is scheduled to be loaded. The ‘Play’ icon implies ‘ready to play’ status.
  • Information tab – A click on your information tab shows your device status as well as all titles in one of these stages – preloaded, scheduled or played using NightShift.
  • Settings tab – Send us a support message, manage your download window or change your credit card information with a few clicks.
  • Manage account tab – Install certificates, change the password or check out the help section with one click on the manage account tab.
  • ‘Pin it’ to save it – If you like a movie or TV episode, you can ‘pin it’ to let NightShift and it won’t delete the title from your library to make additional space.
  • There’s more – You will find smart text prompts when you move your mouse over a title to help you, data usage information under the information tab and numerous other little features to make your overall experience a pleasurable one!  

Part 2 – Using NightShift Discovery

You can watch the video below or read the rest of this post to see how to use the new interface!

Step 1 How to Find & Schedule New Netflix Content

After you log in, to discover new content to watch, click on the search icon on the top right column. You’ll see the entire Netflix library with different categories, sub-categories, and genres.


To find more titles, use the arrows on the side to scroll sideways. 


When you want to schedule a movie, just click in the middle of the title on the ‘+’ icon and it will be added to your list. For a TV show, click in the middle and use the drop-down menu to select the episodes you want. Click on the ‘+’ icon in the middle to add the episode (s) to your schedule list.

If you already know what you want to watch, just start typing in the name of the movie/ tv show you want and you’ll see the titles matching your input appear on the screen. Once you see something you like, just click in the middle.


Step 2 – How to Watch

Nothing has changed here. Just make sure your Netflix players (TV, Computer, Laptop, Ipad, Tablets, Phone, others) are connected to the NightShift network. (using Wi-Fi or cable).

Just go to the Netflix app on these devices, find the title you preloaded using NightShift and hit play!


Information Tab – Click on the ‘i’ icon next to the NightShift logo and your information tab will appear from the left. This tab offers useful information

  • Device status (online or offline)
  • Downloaded list – Lists all the titles you have already preloaded using NightShift (including information about the time they were preloaded and data consumed)
  • Scheduled download list – Lists all the titles you have scheduled for download
  • Played list – Lists all the titles you have played using NightShift in the recent past.


Settings Tab – Click on the ‘gear’ icon to open your settings tab. You can change your billing information, NightShift plan, Device configuration as well as request for technical support by sending us a message!

User Account – Click on the ‘user’ icon to start a tutorial, edit your account settings, change the password, install certificates or access help information.


Important How-Tos

  • Know what I have added to the scheduled preload list –  Just click on the ‘home’ icon on the top right-hand side and you’ll see your personal list.
  • Know if something I added to preload is ready for me to watchJust look for the small ‘play’ icon in the title image. If you see the ‘clock’ icon, it means the title is still waiting to be preloaded. You can also click on the information tab and check out your downloaded list.

For more information or FAQs, click here.

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