Have you ever been at work thinking about how you want to watch the new episodes for Longmire? Or have you been at the park with the children thinking about they will want to watch Dinoxrux when they get home? Maybe your kids are all grown up and coming home during the summer, and you want to watch Fuller House with the family just like old times. The only problem: they are all on Netflix and your internet just isn’t making the cut. Every time you try to load up a TV show or movie it stutters and it putters, but it never really gets very far. There is something that can help you: a Netflix DVR.

Enter NightShift — Your Netflix DVR

NightShift is very much like a Netflix DVR. You can choose what movies and TV shows you want to watch ahead of time. NightShift pre-loads what you want to watch so it’s ready when you are. There are a couple of functions that separate NightShift from the rest of the pack though.

  • You can schedule from anywhere.

Yes, that’s right. Anywhere. At work? With the kids in the park? At your now “grown up” son or daughter’s dorm room? You can pull up NightShift on your phone, tablet or laptop and schedule it on the go. Your spouse will wonder how you do it, and your kids will be happy that you are so tech-savvy.

  • You can stream to up to 3 screens.

You can stream the same – or different – content to up to 3 different devices. That means you can watch your favorite TV show while the kids watch theirs. You can do all of this without going into any extra interface or using extra data. Amazing, right?

If you are interested in getting NightShift as your new Netflix DVR, we are always happy (and available) to help.