With 2016 racing toward the finish line, it’s time to look back over the year to see what the biggest Netflix hacks are. From a pantheon of secret Netflix codes that unlock every genre and then some, to crafting your own Netflix wearables, there is something unique about 2016.

5 Biggest Netflix Hacks of 2016

5 Biggest Netflix Hacks of 2016


1. Secret Genre Code – Because we all wanted to see every Gritty Independent Action and Adventure from the 1970s on Netflix — that’s  code 4596 if you’re wondering — we were given access to the secret cache of Netflix codes that unlock almost every single category you can think of. The formula is relatively simple: netflix.com/browse/genre/CODE. This has to be, literally, one of the biggest (longest) Netflix hacks of 2016.

For a complete list, click here.

2. Play Netflix Roulette – How many hours did you spend this year looking for what to watch next on Netflix? If you’re anything like me, it was more time than you actually spent watching Netflix. Searching through all of those secret genre codes definitely doesn’t help. However, you can cut through all of the hassle by playing a little Netflix roulette with… Netflix Roulette! You can select the genre, rating, director, actor or keyword, and choose whether or not to watch a TV show or movie. If you really feel like spinning the wheel, you can leave everything blank and let one of the best Netflix hacks take care of all the work for you.

3. Netflix and DIY – Netflix has been on a roll with making quirky DIY projects that even let you control what you’re watching with your feet! Socks that pause Netflix when you fall asleep and a tool that shares your favorite spooky shows with Halloween trick or treaters. You can also submit your own ideas! You should follow this website to see everything new that pops up.

4. Netflix Communities – This Netflix subreddit is only one of many where you can find other binge-watchers who love to watch Netflix as much as you do. You can discuss the newest originals, find hidden gems, and talk about anything on your mind (Netflix related or not). Don’t forget to also follow Netflix on Twitter (and NightShift!).

5. Remember the Mix Tape – Netflix made their own version of nostalgia with Flixtapes. You can put a mix of your favorite TV shows and movies on Netflix and share them with your friends. You can also browse through a pre-made Flixtape that suits your mood.

6. The NightShift Bonus – There are some tricks for reducing buffering, but using NightShift is the best way to stay ahead of (un)expected interruptions. Schedule episodes to be ready-to-play from anywhere, stream to multiple devices in HD, and don’t waste any bandwidth in the process. Try it for yourself.

What are your favorite Netflix hacks from 2016? Share them in the comments below!