Mining workers are often counted amongst the most paid employees across industries, not only in Canada or the US but across the world. While it’s true that the tough job comes with its own material benefits, the other side of the story isn’t too ambiguous too. According to a Forbes article, Agriculture and Mining are the top contenders for the ‘unhappiest industries to work in’. A more recent article based on a private study suggests that unfavorable economic climate, industry-wide cost cutting have added to the already difficult work environment faced by energy and mining workers.

In such dire times, it’s extremely critical for Mining companies to proactively look into their worker welfare and productivity investments. Most recognized Mining & Energy companies are known to offer comfortable accommodation, food, medical, internet connectivity and other services to ensure that their workforce. But this is 2017 and the times are definitely changing. Given the current not-so-optimistic outlook for the mining and metals industry, it becomes all the more important for companies and service providers to ensure the welfare and happiness of their workforce. While we are no experts in the mining business, we thought of building a simple infographic cheat-sheet for HR and management executives to keep in mind as we grow into the new year. So here are 5 tips to keep your mining workforce happy!

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How do you think companies can improve on workforce happiness in 2017? Please feel free to provide your thoughts, feedback, suggestions in the comments section and share this with your network.

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