How to Change Default Wi-Fi Password

How do I change my NightShift Wi-FI password/passcode from the default?

If you feel you need to set a unique password for your NightShift Wi-Fi (maybe because you have neighbors near-by who could guess the password), take these steps to change the password.

  • For hardware kits you purchased from us or one of our authorized dealers:
    • In any browser (such as Chrome or Firefox), please type this in the address bar and hit enter: (If this doesn’t work for you, please try for ASUS AC51U or for router model ASUS N56U)
    •  Enter Username: admin Enter Password: nightshift
    • On the top right corner there are two tabs: 2.5Ghz and a 5Ghz tab
      • Change security key (Password) on *BOTH* tabs.
  • If you lose Wi-Fi, reconnect but you may need to tell your device to forget the nightshift wifi network so it will prompt for the new password you just set.