Netflix Streaming in the Middle of the Ocean? Yes You Can.

NightShift Pro is a unique Netflix caching & streaming solution designed to provide full HD experience to multiple users at remote locations despite cost and bandwidth limitations.

Netflix Streaming on Multiple Devices, For Multiple Users, Without Buffering, At the Same Time – Now that’s Crew Welfare!

Boost Crew Morale

Your team at an off-shore location can now enjoy the same streaming experience as they do at home! Add ‘Netflix Streaming’ to your HR offerings and share the happiness with everyone.

Increase Productivity

Happy workers result in increased productivity and lower retention costs and that translates into sustainable profitability for your organization over the long term.

Optimize Bandwidth Use

Satellite internet bandwidth is limited and expensive. Use idle or off-peak bandwidth to offer a great service to your employees and management. Ask us how!

Differentiate Your Company

By offering Netflix streaming, you join the premier list of energy companies who go the extra mile to ensure superior employee welfare environment at offshore locations. Take pride in your decision.


SCHEDULE Any Movie, Show

You can schedule any number of movies, TV shows, episodes to preload from Netflix and then store them locally on recommended storage drives.

PLAY on Any Media Player

You can play the preloaded title (s) on any Netflix player of your choice. You can even store them to watch again and again!

ENJOY with Multiple Users

Depending on your chosen variant, NightShift Pro allows as many as 50 different users to watch downloaded content at the same time. All without buffering, latency or additional data consumption issues!

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IsoTropic Networks

IsoTropic Networks is a global satellite internet services provider which offers optimized Netflix experience using IP Multicast.