Hate buffering on Netflix? It's time to fix that.

NightShift helps you get all of your favorite TV shows and movies in full HD with any Exede Internet plan.

How NightShift Works

How NightShift works

I love NightShift! NightShift is allowing my family to stream Netflix with satellite internet. We have been able to watch our longtime favorite shows and discover new ones!


Exede Internet, USA

I have limited data per month on my satellite internet. I got NightShift on a friend’s recommendation and Installation was a snap. Thanks so much for this awesome product!!


Satellite Internet, USA

What’s Your Exede Internet Plan?

Optimized for Liberty Plans

  • NightShift pre-loads the TV shows and movies you want to watch so you’ll have unlimited and buffer free Netflix while you’re on the Liberty Pass
  • Exede’s new Liberty Plans offer high download speeds (up to 12Mbps) while you have Priority Data (up to 30GB), but once this data has been used, the download speeds become slower (1-5Mbps) and not enough for continuous Netflix buffering.

Make the Most of the Free Zone

  • Who wants to stay up past 3 a.m. to watch videos during the free zone?
  • NightShift pre-loads content during the free zone so you can always watch full HD video without seeing the dreaded buffering symbol
  • Be productive while you sleep and take advantage of your free zone

NightShift gives you buffer-free HD Netflix streaming on any Exede Internet Plan or slow internet connection. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. 

NightShift kit free delivery

Step 1: Sign-Up & We'll Deliver NightShift to You

FREE DELIVERY. NightShift includes the recommended router, a 64 GB storage device, and pre-loaded software.

NightShift Plug and Play for Netflix

Step 2: Unbox & Setup

Just follow the easy Plug-and-Play instructions and you’re set. Compatible with almost all internet providers, modems, plans and Netflix players.

NightShift streams Netflix HD Quality

Step 3: Time for NightShift Magic

NightShift pre-loads your favorite shows overnight and gives you the real HD experience. It also records the next three episodes of your favorite TV series so that you don’t have to wait!

Liberty Plan

NightShift gets you unlimited HD Netflix on Exede Internet

Free Zone Plan

NightShift gets you unlimited HD Netflix on Exede Internet