Stream Unlimited Netflix With NightShift

Stream unlimited high definition Netflix by taking advantage of your Free Zone or Liberty Plan.

What’s Your Plan?

Optimized for Liberty Plans

  • NightShift pre-loads the TV shows and movies you want to watch so you’ll have unlimited and buffer free Netflix while you’re on the Liberty Pass
  • Exede’s new Liberty Plans offer high download speeds (up to 12Mbps) while you have Priority Data (up to 30GB), but once this data has been used, the download speeds become slower (1-5Mbps)
  • You will still be able to surf the web, use social media, and watch low definition videos, but watching Netflix in HD will be difficult

Make the Most of the Free Zone

  • Who wants to stay up past 3 a.m. to watch videos during the free zone?
  • NightShift pre-loads content during the free zone so you can always watch full HD video without seeing the dreaded buffering symbol
  • Be productive while you sleep and take advantage of your free zone

Liberty Plan

NightShift Gives Your Netflix Liberty

Free Zone Plan

NightShift Frees Your Netflix

Make NightShift a Part of Your Plan

Always get the best Netflix experience by pairing NightShift with Exede internet.