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General Questions

The short version is that NightShift is a solution that allows people with slow Internet or data-limited Internet to watch Netflix. It helps people in remote locations or customers with satellite internet avoid buffering and work within data-cap constraints. When you use NightShift you can schedule Netflix content to be pre-loaded overnight when Internet traffic is less congested so that you can watch the Netflix content the next day without running into buffering issues. It also helps people with data-caps use their “bonus bytes” or “free zones” to download Netflix content without using their regular day-time data. NightShift solves many problems for many people who want to enjoy Netflix.

The vast majority! NightShift works with most netflix players:  laptops, desktops, iPads, Tablets, X-Box, smart phones, smart TVs, Roku, Hopper etc.etc.  You can view the complete list here: https://www.gonightshift.com/supported-players/.

You need 3 things for NightShift:

1) You need hardware. We suggest you buy the complete NightShift kit from us or an authorized dealer to keep things simple. The hardware includes a high speed ASUS router, USB drive and all the required software loaded and configured.

2) You need Software installed on the USB drive and router to make NightShift work. Our kits come pre-installed with the NightShift software so you don’t have to worry about this.

3) You will need both a Netflix and NightShift subscription.

That’s all you need to start NightShifting!

No way!  NightShift is a month-to-month subscription that you can cancel anytime.  Just give us a minimum of 5-days notice, before your next bill, to ensure we cancel your subscription before you get charged.  The cost per month is currently $6.99.  It will increase to $9.99 per month in the coming months.  However, if you sign-up today you will always pay $6.99/month as long as you keep an active subscription.  Lock-in now to get our best price!  You also have the option to save more if you pay for the entire year.

If you purchased your kit directly from NightShift, in the rare case that you decide you don’t like NightShift within the first 30 days, you can ship the router back to us and we will provide a refund once we receive the returned hardware.

If you purchased your NightShift kit through an authorized dealer, you will need to speak to the dealer directly about their return policy.  Each dealer handles returns differently.

The most important NightShift setting to configure is the download window. This is the time of day that NightShift will pre-load content. It should match your Free Zone or Bonus Bytes or be set to a time when you don’t usually use the Internet if you have an unlimited connection.

NightShift knows if you are using HughesNet or Exede. In the case of HughesNet, NightShift can automatically determine your current monthly usage and change its behavior. For Exede, you will be prompted for account information.

At this time NightShift only supports Netflix. We do plan to add additional streaming services in the future.

Scheduling & Play-Back Questions

Visit the NightShift website (www.gonightshift.com) then click Log-in at the top right corner.  Once logged-in, search for titles you want to pre-load by clicking on the magnifying glass in the top right corner.


Once you have found a show or movie that you want to watch, you can tell NightShift to pre-load it by clicking on the + sign in the middle of the picture.


You now have content set to be loaded by NightShift!

You can see what shows are ready to play on the ‘My Content’ page (click the Home icon if you are in search view). The shows that are ready to play have a small play symbol in the bottom right corner. To play the show on another device, such as a smart TV, open the Netflix app on the device and search for the show that NightShift shows as ready to play.


Once you watch a TV show with multiple episodes, NightShift will automatically pre-load the next 3 episodes of that show so they are ready for you to watch.  This happens automatically so you don’t have to schedule these episodes manually.  If you don’t want the next 3 to pre-load you can log into your NightShift account and cancel their scheduled download.  If you know you want to watch more than 3 episodes on the weekend (Netflix binge anyone?) you can schedule more episodes from the same series from within NightShift.


Movies will be downloaded in the same order they are scheduled.  For multiple TV shows, all the episodes for the first series will be downloaded first, then all the second, etc.

The amount of content NightShift can store depends on the size of the drive used. A 64GB drive can store roughly 50 hours of standard definition or 25 hours of high-definition content.

Yes.  Movies don’t automatically get deleted when they are watched. Only once the space on the USB drive is required for new content will movies be deleted. You can also manually delete a title from your NightShift account.  And you can “pin” titles that you want to keep on the drive forever or until you delete them.

NightShift will automatically purge the shows you have already watched, starting with the oldest loaded show.  You will not get a message to tell you that the storage is full.  NightShift automatically delete shows (based on the first ones downloaded/watched) when it needs more space for new content.

You can choose to keep a particular show or movie forever by ‘pinning’ it.


NightShift will only pre-load the quality that your devices have requested. So if you set Netflix to a lower or higher quality NightShift will pre-load that quality.

The first thing to check is that your NightShift device is online. You can see this by clicking on the info button and looking at the top of the panel that pops out.


Next you can check if NightShift is serving your content by looking at the playback list.


Here, you can see that Long Shadow was played. The “Netflix Played” indicates that this show was NOT served by NightShift. It says “NightShift Played” when the content was served by NightShift.

When Netflix content is being actively watched, a small “Now Playing” panel will appear. This also indicates if the content is being served by NightShift or coming directly from the Internet.


NightShift will allow 3 devices to access the stored content at the same time.  So 3 different people can watch 3 different Netflix shows or movies, on 3 different devices, at the same time, buffer-free!  For households with slow internet connections this is amazing!

Once Netflix removes the title from their database you can no longer watch the content using NightShift.

To use some Netflix players such as Google Chrome, you need to install the NightShift certificate on your PC. This allows NightShift to work with encrypted video traffic. If you try to play by clicking the play button inside NightShift, you will be prompted to install the certificate if it is required.


Installation Questions

If you are installing NightShift yourself, without the help of an authorized dealer, and you purchased a kit from NightShift; please see this video which explains the setup and activation process.

We suggest contacting one of our authorized dealers to see if they have kits in-stock and can install and setup NightShift for you.  Many dealers can provide you with a kit and setup it up for you for $125 – $150 when you sign-up for a satellite internet package.

For hardware purchased through us, the default Wi-Fi network name is ‘nightshift’. Select this Wi-FI network for any device which will use Netflix (ie. XBox, Apple TV, iPad, Laptop etc.)

For more information please see the Get Started page.

Sure, if you have the technical chops you can do that – visit this page to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Exede Classic Plans Questions

For Exede classic plans, set the NightShift download window to your “free zone” time and NightShift will ensure that it pre-loads your content only during the free zone. Since the “free zone” is unlimited, NightShift will load as much content as possible during the free zone time, if you have content scheduled to download.

Exede Liberty Plan Questions

NightShift is smart!  It knows when you have Priority Data left and it will not use your priority data to pre-load content.  

If you are an Exede user you will be prompted to enter your Exede credentials.  Once you’ve entered this, NightShift becomes aware of your account usage and takes it into consideration. This is how it knows when your Priority Data is finished so NightShift can wake-up and go to work for you!

Note: Liberty customers should not enable the “Block Netflix streaming from the Internet outside of the configured download period” option.  Once you’re using “Liberty Zone” data we suggest that you schedule lots of Netflix content to load so that the following month you can watch shifted content, through NightShift, making your Priority Data last longer.

For more information please watch a this YouTube video about Liberty Plans.

It is best not to have NightShift downloading content while you are trying to use the internet for regular web-usage.  We suggest that you configure the NightShift download “start” and “stop” time for hours when you are sleeping (11pm – 6am) for example.

HughesNet Plan Questions

NightShift is automatically aware of your HughesNet plan and will adjust its behavior according to your current monthly usage. For example, once your Bonus Bytes are consumed, NightShift will stop downloading.

All you need to do is set the download window on the Configure page.

NightShift will stop pre-loading the content based on the configured pre-load window.  It will re-start the content pre-load the next night when the window opens again.  It will also stop pre-loading content once your Bonus Bytes have all been used.

NightShift tracks your HughesNet Bonus Bytes usage and it will automatically stop pre-loading content once you’ve used all your Bonus Bytes.  It will automatically start pre-loading content for you the following month.

Technical Questions

If you feel you need to set a unique password for your NightShift Wi-Fi (maybe because you have neighbors near by who could guess the password), take these steps to change the password.

No sorry. Especially for watching at the highest quality, a good Wi-Fi connection is required.  Either use a wired connection or consider getting a more powerful router (such as the router we include in our NightShift kits) for a better signal.  Wi-Fi extenders are another possibility.

No! NightShift will format the drive it is installed when it first runs.  It then expects to be able to use the entire drive for storage.  If you also want to run a media server, use one dedicated hard drive for that and a separate USB Flash Drive for NightShift.

No, sorry.  All content downloaded by NightShift is still protected and encrypted by Netflix Digital Rights Management (DRM).  The only way to play content from NightShift is with a Netflix player while you are connected to the internet and have a valid Netflix subscription.

No.  A NightShift subscription is tied to a particular router.

This is not a recommended approach, but it is possible.  Just make sure your download window is configured appropriately in your NightShift account. Also, be sure to properly power off the router – don’t just pull out the USB drive.

No sorry, NightShift requires an Internet connection to ensure you have a valid Netflix account before it will let you watch the pre-loaded content.  You cannot use it with no internet connection at all.

No, NightShift requires a valid Netflix subscription in order to work.

NightShift runs on a router, and the router needs to be plugged into another router, a modem, etc using an Ethernet cable.  If you only have wifi available, e.g. if you get your Internet from a hotspot device that doesn’t have any Ethernet ports, then you can buy an Ethernet to Wifi adapter to make NightShift work with this.  We have tested this one and recommend it for this purpose.

IOGEAR Ethernet-2-WiFi Universal Wireless Adapter, GWU637

Please email us any questions not answered above: support@gonightshift.com