Welcome to NightShift - Getting Started


Step 1: Hardware Set-Up

Every existing modem or modem/router combo is different but generally we recommend this setup for NightShift.

Recommended Setup


Watch this video for more information on the hardware that came with NightShift.

It would be rare that someone would require a different setup than above. But if you do click here for an alternative setup.


Step 2: Activate NightShift

After your hardware is setup, it’s time to activate your NightShift.


  1. Connect a computer, tablet, or smart phone to your NightShift router, either wirelessly (using wireless Wi-Fi network nightshift and password nightshift) or with an ethernet cable.
  2. Once connected, using a browser (eg. Chrome or Firefox), complete setup at: http://activate.gonightshift.com
  3. Optional: Go to www.gonightshift.com/changewifi to learn how to change your Wi-Fi password if want it to be unique, before moving to step 4.
  4. Connect your Netflix players to the NightShift network either wirelessly (using NightShift wireless Wi-Fi network) or with an ethernet cable (not supplied.)  Leave your Netflix player(s) connected to NightShift at all times.


Once you’ve activated your account, watch this video to see how to use NightShift.


To learn more, please read our FAQ.

Happy NightShifting!