Tired of Never Having Enough Data for Netflix? It's time to fix that.

NightShift uses your Bonus Bytes to preload Netflix and gives you buffer-free HD quality experience.

The NightShift Bonus

Anytime Allowance

Your Anytime Allowance is limited. Streaming your favorite TV shows and movies shouldn’t be. NightShift lets you keep your Anytime Allowance for the things you love.

Bonus Bytes

NightShift uses your Bonus Bytes to pre-load TV shows and movies on Netflix at night. You can finally use your Bonus Bytes right!

Worry-free Netflixing

Worry-Free Netflix

Binge-watch TV shows on Netflix any time you want without worrying about your data cap. NightShift has you covered.

For One-time cost of $99 and monthly subscriptions starting at $5.94, NightShift Will Let You:


  • Stream Netflix all month long on your existing HughesNet Plan

  • Watch Netflix on 3 devices at a time (different shows/different devices)

  • Get more from your Bonus Bytes

  • Never buffer Netflix again

How NightShift Works

NightShift gives you buffer-free HD Netflix streaming on your existing HughesNet plan. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. 

NightShift kit free delivery

Step 1: Sign-Up & We'll Deliver NightShift to You

FREE DELIVERY. NightShift includes the recommended router, a 64 GB storage device, and pre-loaded software.

NightShift Plug and Play for Netflix

Step 2: Unbox & Setup

Just follow the easy Plug-and-Play instructions and you’re set. Compatible with almost all internet providers, modems, plans and Netflix players.

NightShift streams Netflix HD Quality

Step 3: Time for NightShift Magic

NightShift pre-loads your favorite shows overnight and gives you the real HD experience. It also records the next three episodes of your favorite TV series so that you don’t have to wait!