Innovative Maritime Streaming Solutions

NightShift Pro is a unique caching & streaming solution that lets you access HD quality content from Netflix across all yachts and marine vessels despite cost and bandwidth limitations.

Owners, Guests, Captains and Crew on Yachts & Commercial Vessels Can Finally Stream Netflix!

NightShift Pro is a unique solution that preloads selected movies or TV episodes from Netflix and offers buffer-free full HD experience. It’s designed to work with the limited bandwidth available while at sea and can make use of idle/off-peak bandwidth.

Select Any Netflix Content

Using NightShift Pro’s simple interface, you can schedule any number of Netflix movies, TV shows or episodes to be preloaded.

Download & Store Locally

Using idle and off-peak bandwidth, Netflix content is stored locally on a high capacity storage device. This takes care of all potential buffering issues while ‘live’ streaming.

Stream Across Multiple Devices

Play the downloaded title on any Netflix player of your choice. Up to 50 devices* at the same time!

Traditional Options for On-Board Entertainment

  • Preloaded content offered by service providers

  • Limited live channels from select networks

  • Traditional DVD/Blu-Ray players with limited streaming (1-2 screens)

With NightShift Pro On-board, You Can

  • Stream thousands of movies across many genres and categories

  • Get access to exclusive Netflix-Only Content

  • Watch different titles across different devices, at the same time!

Offer an Amazing Experience On Board. Make Better Use of Bandwidth. 


Everyone Wants Netflix
in HD, of course.

There are over 80 million Netflix subscribers and the number is growing with each passing day. 90% of these users prefer to watch exclusive Netflix content. Shows like House of Cards, Daredevil, and Stranger Things have redefined entertainment.

Why should maritime users be left behind? With NightShift Pro, you can be part of the cord-cutting revolution too!

Age of Multiple Devices
Connected: On Land & At-Sea

An average household in the US has 5 connected devices. People are unique and their entertainment options shouldn’t be restricted in the era of 4000+ titles on Netflix or by the number of devices that can stream at the same time. Get NightShift Pro and up to 50 devices can enjoy HD, buffer free streaming from Netflix without needing a fast Internet connection.

Bandwidth is Precious.
Make the best use of it

Bandwidth availability on yachts and other maritime vessels is extremely limited. Think a few megabits/second vs. the 25-100 that you get at home. Without a service like NightShift Pro which pre-positions content for later playback, streaming Netflix is impossible.

NightShift Pro – Available Variants

Pro - 10

Ideal For – Private Yachts. Storage – 500 GB. Streams – 10. Supported Users – 40.

Pro - 25

Ideal For – Super/ Mega Yachts. Storage – 1 TB. Streams – 25. Supported Users – 100.

Pro - 50

Ideal For – Cruises/ Vessels. Storage -2 TB. Streams – 50. Supported Users – 200.

NightShift Pro Solves the Access Network Challenge for Streaming By Pre-Positioning Video Download

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