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Work Camp? Mining Facility? Other Remote Locations? With NightShift Pro, multiple users can simultaneously enjoy HD quality streaming content from Netflix

Employee Welfare is a Challenge
We’re here to help.

Life in mining or work camps can be challenging. While there has been a considerable improvement in worker recreation and welfare services over the years, there’s a lot of catching up to do when it comes to video services. Most camps are limited to conventional formats, DVD libraries, and select live TV channels. In the world of streaming services and cord-cutting, there’s finally a way for your workers to enjoy a binge-watching spree during their time off.

Happier Employes = Better Topline
It always starts with that.

Disengaged workers cost the US industry alone between $450-550 billion. When companies care and communicate their desire to work for employee welfare, the business results are phenomenal. This is even more important in difficult work environments like mining and work camps. Add high-quality Netflix streaming to the list of things you do for your workers and utilize cutting-edge technology for the betterment of your business.

Bandwidth is Precious
Optimize & Enjoy.

We understand that bandwidth availability at extreme work locations can be both expensive and limited. Thanks to innovation in time-shifted downloading, entertainment for workers doesn’t have to suffer. With affordable per-user plans, you can use idle or off-peak bandwidth to offer Netflix streaming services and everyone wins.

Why Choose NightShift Pro?

Industry-first Innovation

NightShift Pro is the first-of-its-kind solution designed specifically for bandwidth and usage limited environments by industry veterans. The technology has received tremendous feedback from existing clients, industry partners and media.

Adaptability & Flexibility

NightShift Pro is available in multiple variants, depending on the number of users in an environment and is flexible when it comes to hardware requirements – No new set-top boxes or media hardware is required. NightShift Pro lets you utilize existing Netflix players in smart TVs, phones, tablets, etc. and runs on physical or virtual machines.

Optimize Bandwidth Use

Satellite internet bandwidth, in most cases, is limited and expensive. With NightShift Pro, you have an effective way to use idle or off-peak bandwidth to offer a great service to your employees and members of the management.

HD Quality & Buffer-Free

NightShift Pro is designed to offer an unparalleled HD experience in environments where even standard definition streaming is a challenge. Since content is preloaded and stored locally, buffering and latency issues become part of history!

How It Works

Select Any Netflix Content

Using NightShift Pro’s simple interface, You can schedule any number of Netflix movies or TV show episodes for download.

Download & Store Locally

Utilizing off-peak or idle bandwidth, requested content is preloaded and stored locally on a high capacity storage device. Say goodbye to buffering or latency issues on slower connections!

Stream Across Multiple Devices

Play downloaded title (s) on any Netflix player of your choice. With up to 50 simultaneous streams, about 200 users can enjoy at the same time!

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