Supported Hardware

If you choose to buy hardware for NightShift yourself instead of purchasing our Startup Kit, this is what you need

Home Routers

NightShift currently supports the ASUS home router models listed below. We have found that these models offer a high quality, powerful platform to run NightShift.

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If you don’t want to source NightShift compatible hardware yourself you can buy it in one convenient startup kit from us.

Recommended Router Models


Great value, expanded wireless coverage with two antennas, 3X faster than wireless N routers.



Twin USB ports and good wireless range. Gigabit ethernet support for fast downloads.


Incredible range and performance for large homes. USB 3.0 allows for streaming up to 4 shows at a time.


USB Drives

Home routers do not include enough storage to contain media files. However, the built-in USB ports provide a convenient way to add storage to the router via a USB flash drive. NightShift requires a 32GB (standard definition) or 64GB (high definition) flash drive. Note that having a high quality drive is very important. Many of the lower end models do not have the performance or longevity required by NightShift.

Recommended USB Drives

Sandisk Ultra 64GB

Best Value! Stores 20 TV show episodes or 10 movies at High Definition.

Sandisk Ultra 128GB

Stores 40 TV show episodes or 20 movies at High Definition.


Sandisk Ultra 256GB

Stores 80 TV show episodes or 40 movies at Standard Definition.


Already Have the Required Hardware or Have it Ordered?